Katie Karras- Alex Karras’ Daughter

Now that Alex Karras, professional football player, actor, writer but also and most importantly husband and father has passed away; we wonder about his family and how are they dealing with this irreplaceable loss. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Alex Karras and Susan Clark’s daughter Katie Karras!!

Alex Karras lived between two worlds; football and TV; remembered for his role as George Papadopoulos in the TV sitcom “Webster” alongside real life wife Susan Clark.

In football he played for the Detroit Lyons, he was known as one of the game’s biggest characters and most intimidating players…his trick? “A cigar and of course the thick glasses and the big burly chest and the bird legs” remembers Lions assistant director of pro personnel Charlie Sanders, as he used to referred to Karras as “the godfather”

Alex married his Webster co-star, actress Susan Clark, they both had come from previous marriages that ended in divorce. They married on March 21, 1980 and had one daughter together. Katie was born Katherine M. Karras on January 31, 1980.

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Her beloved father’s life ended at 77 and we could say it seems a very successful life as football hero and a successful transition to actor after his retirement from the Lyons at age 35; sadly when the magic ends the consequences must be faced and for Karras that might certainly affected his personal life. He became part of a large group of former players suing the NFL for head trauma that resulted for him in dementia unable him from things he loved like cooking and gardening. How heartbreaking this must have been for his family to see someone you love and that was loved for many to go down like that. But in difficult times is where you know who your true friends are right? We wonder about his daughter what she could share with us about having to see his father struggling and fighting from the beginning of his career and now to the time of his death.

Now the family is facing a hard decision, whether to donate Karras’ brain for study, as other NFL families have done. What do you think they should do? Could this be helpful for players in the future? But mainly how would you feel if it was your dad’s? What about Katie his 32 year old daughter? What does she think is right or what would her father want in this case? I’m sure she must be so proud of her multifaceted father and what a great figure she had.

Is not an easy decision but our hearts and prayers go to them.



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