Mary Clancy Collins White is Gary Collins’ Daughter

Actor Gary Collins passed away of October 13, 2012, he was 74. Mr. Collins is survived by his children Melissa, Guy William, wife Mary Ann Mobley and they daughter Mary Clancy Collins.

Mary Clancy Collins White Gary Collins Mary Ann Goble daughter

74-year-old Gary Ennis Collins from Venice, California was the actor we all saw at Charlie’s Angels, JAG, Fantasy Island and certainly he was the host at his talk show  “Hour Magazine in the 80’s. He died of natural causes at about 1:00 a.m. at Biloxi Regional Medical Center on October 13, 2012.

Mr. Collins got married twice, first to Susan Peterson the mother of his older children Guy William and Melissa and then in 1967 he got married to actress Mary Ann Mobley who is also won the 1959 Miss America pageant.

Gary Collins daughter Mary Clancy Collins pics

Mobley and Collins became the parents of their beautiful daughter Mary Clancy Collins, she was named after her maternal great-grandfather William Clancy.

Gary Collins daughter Mary Clancy Collins pic

Ann who is known also as Clancy Collins and since June 23, 2007 as Ann Clancy Collins White when she got married to William Dean White from California (they got married in Ojai, California in a beautiful ceremony officiated by her father in-law Rev. Dr. Paul White) Ann Clancy’s grandparents were Mrs. Mary Holmes and the late Dr. Verner Smith Holmes.

Mary clancy Collins White Gary Collins daughter

She studied at Stanford University, The Sorbonne in Paris, and Oxford University’s Magdalena College, Oxford, England and is today a Senior Vice President of Development for MGM Television.

Dean White Clancy Collins White husband

Clancy’s hubby Dean White is a renown director, producer who has worked several films and telivision shows like Chicago Hope, The District, The Shield, Banshee, Pretty Little Liars to name a few.

Showbizdaily, send our deepest condolences to Clancy Collins, her mother, siblings and other members of her beloved family during this difficult time.

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