Liz Trujillo- Flavor Flav’s Fiance [PHOTOS]

Liz Trujillo violently assaulted by her boyfriend Flavor Flav? Why dod Flavor attacked her son? Read more about Elizabeth “Liz” Trujillo below.

Liz Trujillo Flavor Flav fiancee

As shocking as it sounds, Liz Trujillo 39, was violently threw to the ground by her fiancé rapper Flavor Flav! And not only one time but throwing her twice!!! Isn’t it outrageous?? Liz Trujillo injuries

The couple is been together for 8 years and they have a child together, Karma who is Flav’s seventh child!

Liz Trujillo Flavor Flav

Police in Las Vegas arrested former rap and reality TV star Flavor Flav at about 3:30 Wednesday morning, after he allegedly threatened to assault a teenager in his home; the teenager at issue was Gibran Trujillo, Liz’s older son. Liz, finally decided to call the police after Flav’s was supposedly chasing her son while holding two knives!

Liz Trujillo son Gibran Trujillo

The domestic battery according to Liz’s declarations started over accusations of Flav’s a.k.a William Drayton infidelities and the heated conversation quickly turned violent and ended up with the 52 year old behind bars!

According to latest statements Liz had Flav on a short leash after finding out of his shady ways by cheating for months via “phone affairs” and hooking up with other women!! And after constant begging on his side, she decided to give him another chance but he broke the rules by going back to his infidelities!

She stated: “He wasn’t complying with the rules although he said he promised he would. And one or two days later he’s back to the same old sh*t.”

Elizabeth Trujillo aka Liz Trujillo, who lives with the entertainer at his home in Las Vegas with their son Karma, really endured a brutal assault but she won’t have to worry about Flavor Flav’s wicked cheating ways any longer, because the 39-year-old mother says she’s filing a restraining order against the singer! And ex-fiancée?? Wouldn’t you think??

An to think the Rapper turned reality star Flavor Flav, Liz Trujillo, and their two sons appeared on ABC’s “Celebrity Wife Swap” back in January. They seemed to have that family vibe going on right??

Elizabeth Liz Trujillo Flavor Flav girlfriendElizabeth liz trujilloLiz Trujillo Flavor Flav sonFlavor flav liz trujillo stepson Gibran Trujillo son KarmaFlavor flav liz trujillo Gibran Trujillo Karma

Check this exclusive on Liz’s declarations!!

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