Amanda Adams Holt is Whitney Heichel’s Killer Jonathan Holt’s Wife

Amanda Adams Holt also known as Amanda Holt is devastated by the news that her longtime boyfriend and husband Jonathan Holt was the person responsible for the murder of her neighbor Whitney Heichel the Oregon’s Starbucks’ Barista that went missing last week.

Amanda Adams Holt Jonathan Holt Wife photos

Amanda Adams or Amanda Holt if you rather has been described as a victim of her evil husband, I agree she is in pain and must be feeling pretty awful right now. The man she loved for years and swear to love till death do them apart might spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Amanda Holt’s husband is 24-year-old Jonathan Holt the man charged with the cold blooded murder of  Mrs. Heichel, Amanda her husband and the Heichels lived in the same apartment complex, they go to the same church, she even had her plants and cats taken care by her friendly neighbors, everything going on right now in the life of Mrs. Holt is her worst nightmare.

24 y-year-old Amanda Adams became Mrs. Jonathan Holt on March 2010 [this wedding registry of Amanda and Holt’s wedding is from January 30, 2010]in a beautiful ceremony at the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall in Gresham followed by a romantic reception at the Persimmon Country Club, after their wedding they lived for a while at Amanda’s parents home.

Lorinda Adams Amanda Holt mother

Her mother Lorinda Adams Soulliere a notary in Portland, Oregon said Amanda is devastated.

Amanda Adams Holt Jonathan Holt Wife photoAmanda Adams Holt Jonathan Holt Wife photosAmanda Adams Holt Jonathan Holt wife picsAmanda Adams Holt Jonathan Holt wife picAmanda Adams Holt Jonathan Holt Wife-photosAmanda Adams Holt Jonathan Holt Wife-photoAmanda Adams Holt Jonathan Holt Wife-picAmanda Adams Holt Jonathan Holt Wife-pictureAmanda Adams Holt Jonathan Holt Wife-pics

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  1. Great article. Definitely delved into the dynamic of what his wife is going through, you seem to be the first to gain this much info on her.

  2. Pedro, I too was compelled to read more about this, and I have to admit that it “felt” different clicking on the link about her death. I thought, I read too much horrible stuff and wasn’t going to, but I did. And then to find out she is our sister; he, our “brother.” Wow. All I can say is I sobbed over this. To see two spiritual couples starting out their lives and have them broken by evil influences is truly heartbreaking. I have a daughter in the truth who is in her 20’s, a young married one, who also worked as a barista for a while. I just couldn’t bear to lose her as our poor brother and sister have lost their daughter, and his parents have lost their son. Their spouses have lost. It is so tragic. We should remember them in our prayers to ask Jehovah to help them heal.

  3. I’m also shocked on learning the prep was also a brother. This is something unacceptable and makes me feel very bad. I feel so bad already, on how this beautiful sister was killed, but I feel worse by knowing who did it. He was a irregular meeting attendant, and maybe inactive, but I don’t think is the only one around. Did anybody see something wrong on him? Nobody wakes up in the morning and decide to kill a person. I hope there is not a bad story behind all this.

    I was also thinking, how close were they?
    The LDS gives us a lot of council on how to avoid to be alone with a person of different sex. Wasn’t it better to let her husband to give him a ride?
    I never like a brother and a sister, ride or being alone with one each other, unless they are close relatives.

  4. silentlambsilentnomore

    Just goes to show, that no one is immune. And this poor young lady paid the price. How about stop trusting everyone in your congregations ? Treat them as you would treat someone in the world. After all no on is perfect, no one, not the governing body, not the faithful and discreet slave, nor the elders or ministerial servants. Not the little sheep. No one is perfect. Everyone is capable of crime, everyone is capable of good and everyone is imperfect. So instead of thinking the next time you go to a meeting that the brother or sister next to you is not capable of such horrific acts. Actually start thinking yes they are, and then put the proper steps into place. You talk of Satan and signs of the times etc etc. You want to know my thoughts on this. I am in no way condoning this young mans behaviour towards this young lady. But in reality I think, he was struggling mentally. He was irregular right? So does that not mean that he was already on the path out of the organisation ? Maybe he had problems himself, the probable shunning things you guys have and don’t say you don’t because I too have been victim of it hence my screen name. This guy must have been torn between 1 life and leading another. And to lead the other life, would mean divorce from his wife, divorce from the congregation and ultimate disfellowshipping. I can see from his pictures that he is not happy with himself whatsoever. If anything I feel and I do not know him, but I feel this got out of hand. Maybe the pair were committing adultery, how do you know unless he gives that information. Maybe she did not want to carry on and maybe he got angry at that, it got out of hand and now he is in a whole pile of mess. I’m just throwing out probabilities. The main thing is that this young lady ended up killed. Both victim and perp were JW’s and with that going on and all the child abuse going on, no one is safe. Watch who you open your door to

  5. I too feel so horrible for this young woman. My disbelief is in all the words of her fellow Jehovah Witness family. You can’t believe a “brother” in your words would actually do this? Do you know how many brothers are child molesters? Do you know how many elders have protected them do to the “two person rule”? Open your eyes to the real truth! Just because someone proclaims to be a brother in faith does NOT make them good! How many have put their children in harms way due to blindly trusting brothers and sisters in the congregation? And Pedro pornography does NOT make you a rapist or killer, and to say in quote “you can’t violate Jehovah’s laws as set forth by the faithful and discreet slave….” just shows how blind you really are. Jehovah, God, what every you want to call him has set forth laws in the BIBLE why are you going by laws set forth by the “faithful and discreet slave”? they are MEN. These are the same MEN protecting CHILD MOLESTERS. Have you read the news that Candace Condi was just awarded 28 MILLION dollars from the JW’s due to her molestation being hidden?? I am not trying to take away the grief of this family, I can’t even begin understand how any of them must feel, I am trying to open up some blind eyes.

    • Wow Jennifer. Pretty strong words. Trying to open up blind eyes? Looks like you just want to believe what you want to believe and hear what you want to hear. Apparently you have no idea how the organization takes molestation seriously. Faithful and discreet slaves are men, no doubt about that so was the apostles and other great men in the bible, which faults and imperfections were never concealed. I bet you when you lived during those times, you would not be with Jesus and apostles but you will be one of the people who would bash them. There may be some BAD decisions by the elders in some congregations, and I would be lying if I don’t say this, but don’t judge the faithful and discreet slave or the organization in general, im sure and sounds like you didn’t hear accounts on how some congregations have protected children from such molestations. Members are human but it’s Jehovah’s organzation and that is perfect. Hence, Jesus even selected Judas to be his discipled and yet what happened to Judas? He proved himself worthless and commited suicide. But does this mean Jesus made a mistake on selecting him? Go figure….

  6. In response to Pedro Suero, & all who like us, are sharing Whitney’s family pain. I’m a sis, also from Fl, Hialeah in fact. Horrible news, I too couldn’t believe this horrendous crime on this beautiful young sister with her whole life ahead of her, at least Jehovah gave her an exit; 1Cor.10:13 Part. But God is faithful, and he will not let ​YOU​ be tempted beyond what ​YOU​ can bear, he will also make the way out in order for ​YOU​ to be able to endure it. Also her family’s faith, will help them thru this horrible time, we know that Jehovah is with them Isaiah 41:13 For I, Jehovah your God, am grasping your right hand, the One saying to you, ‘Do not be afraid. I myself will help you.’ & they know that they will soon see their beautiful Whitney, again, Resurrected Juan 5:25 “Most truly I say to ​YOU, The hour is coming, and it is now, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who have given heed will live.
    Through pictures posted you can see life & so much love, I truly believe she was the sunshine in everyone’s life & that she had a very loving marriage, which is a gift specially in these days. To think that the person who did this was once a brother, probably in good standing, just floors me, it’s such a low thing to do, cruel & selfish! But still I have this question, Why??? There’s no reason to kill her, if he wanted to sexually abuse her, he did that, why not let her go? He still volunteered to be questioned by the police & then confessed, why not confess when she was still alive? He’s still doing time, it would of been way better if she was still alive. Don’t understand, how someone who had a normal upbringing, loving family & brothers in the congregation could do such a heinous crime, not stopping to think if not for Whitney, for his parents, his own wife, the Congregation & Jehovah God! How can someone who knows the truth about Jehovah’s Organization choose to do something that will dirty His Name??? This is beyond me, but I guess it has a lot to do with what he did in his own private time & mind. 1Cor.10:12 “Consequently let him that thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall”. I agree now a days, with technology, it’s to easy to drift away & sin in private & that only creates a stronger desire to keep doing those wicked things & then you become desensitized to all that Jehovah hates & that becomes very dangerous thus you start living a double life. We should all heed the scriptures advise, as it has been emphasized in all our meetings, to love our brother/sister, forgive each other, view our marriage as Sacred, live a clean moral christian life & steer clear from all that Jehovah God hates so we can honor his name…..

    • Xenia, So true!! Also, if he was doing anything in private, such as viewing pornography, he opened himself up to satan and the demons. More than likely he was under their control, and lost Jehovah’s holy spirit. I’m not so good at expressing my thoughts, but everything you said, you said well!

  7. This is so sad. For those of us who are baptized J.W.’s, we know how important it is to be regularly fed spiritually. We are too close to the end of this system to think that we can survive spiritually, by regularly missing our spiritual meals. Satan will always take advantage of this, and use our weaknesses to further his purposes. So keeping this sad event in mind let us keep the family members and their congregation in our prayers ; and let’s us all fight to remain strong in the faith. 1Timothy 6:12

  8. If there was a God, he would never let this happen! He would not have let 6 million Jews perish at the hands of a mad man, he would not have allowed the genocide take place in Rwanda, he would never have allowed innocent children be gunned down on school campuses. Religion was created to answer the unknown, to keep the masses under control. The threats of Hell and the reward of seeing your loved ones in Heaven worked for years. Jesus was one of Hundreds who purported to be the son of God. Why would God send his only begotten son to save us when saving was not needed? Why not save us when the genocides were taking place? The Bible is a good read, but that is all it really is! Believe in yourself, your fellow man, your family and the Earth. Your time is limited, enjoy this heaven on Earth! Seriously!!

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