Maureen Sullivan Stemberg- Staples Founder Tom Stemberg’s First Wife

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, ex-wife of STAPLES founder Tom Stemberg, is looking to unseal testimony that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave in her divorce case.

tom Stemberg first wife Maureen Sullivan Stemberg

This surprise will soon be unleashed upon us, assuming that famed legal eagle Gloria Allred has her way.

It all began 5 years ago when Maureen Sullivan Stemberg and Tom Stemberg went thru a long, bitter divorce, in which Mitt Romney -who’s a good friend a also a first major investor for Staples- with Tom Stemberg, provided testimony as to the value of a company.

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg Tom Stemberg wife pic

Some may said she´s a truly inspiration for many men and women. For that reason DRAGON-LION MEDIA has just announced the production of “The Maureen Sullivan Stemberg Story: A Portrait In Courage”

This will be a Film documentary of Stemberg life, passing thru all the fights she fought like details in her life battling cancer and other health issues such as an auto immune deficiency. And also more details in her divorce and her political ideas.

Check Maureen Stemberg’s profile on the HuffPost here, her Google+ is here, Vimeo here and Facebook here.

In Sullivan Stemberg, own words:

“I am so proud to say I was born in South Boston, came home to live with my siblings and parents in a two bedroom project. My family, valued cultural learning and discussed politics at the breakfast table. It was reading, writing and the knowledge of the world around me — a greater knowledge than my own backyard was instilled in me from a very early age and I’ve learned to carry that torch with me wherever I have gone since then: shining my flashlight in hidden corners, highlighting those things that I feel require some attention on my part, be it the arts, child abuse and all the way to certain medical issues that are under-reported. I was taught to speak-up, and I do, and I am proud of my parents for teaching me this and proud of my own ability now to stand up for what I believe in. This is why I am humbled, grateful and pleased to have my story be told in this film documentary.”

Sources said Stemberg is a big Obama Fan who blogged for his election in 2008. This information unfortunately discount her credibility today when it comes to anything that happened in the divorce settlement. In fact Maureen is a political blogger for the liberal Huffington Report in this election cycle.

We will have to wait and see what the judges decide this Thursday in this new Divorce Settlement and discover the impact this decision may cause in Mitt Romney´s candidacy.

Read Maureen Sullivan Stemberg Biography:

Maureen StembergMaureen Sullivan Stemberg Tom Stemberg wife bio

58-year-old Maureen Sullivan Stemberg was born July 8, 1954 in South Boston, Massachusetts to Lt. Herbert M. Sullivan. She ran her own successful interior design business from just such a home-office.

She´s a successful interior designer and social advocate, whose design work has been featured in such places as House and Garden, House Beautiful, and The New York Times as well as Who’s Who in Interior Design: One Hundred Top Designers (published by Rizzoli), among others’

Mrs. Sullivan Stemberg studied Political Science and art history at the Boston Architectural College graduating in 1974, she also studied at Newton College, Museum of Fine Arts and Boston Architectural College.

She is a beautiful green eyes woman, the first wife and inspiration for Staples which Tom Stemberg founded in 1985. Prior to 1985 he was out of work for almost three years.

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg wikiMaureen Sullivan Stemberg Tom Stemberg wife pictureMaureen Sullivan Stemberg Tom Stemberg wife wiki

Before that and on April 1976 she founded the Maureen Sullivan Stemberg Interiors where she also served as CEO, Baby Suites was founded by Maureen on October, 2001. She is also president at the IT industry Levy Lynda Intriors Wellesley.

After she divorced Stemberg in 1985, he got married to Dola Hamilton (Facebook here) in 1992, I am not sure how many children they had some said they had  two, found Will Stemberg and Dola’s son Rylan Hamilton (probable from a previous relationship). Dola filed for divorce in 2003 after 15 years of marriage.

Dola Davis Hamilton Stember Tom Stemberg ex wife sonsDola Davis Hamilton Stember Tom Stemberg first wife

Mr. Stemberg is currently married to his third wife Canadian Katherine Chapman O’Hara, who was four months pregnant with Stemberg’s baby while he was still married to Dola.

Katherine Chapman O'Hara Tom StembergTom Stemberg third wife  Katherine Chapman O'Hara

It was rumored 47-year-old Katherine Chapman O’Hara founder of Olly Shoes in Toronto left her husband for Tom, she has two children with Stemberg,

Interesting things about Maureen Stemberg

*Her son is Mac (that’s him on Facebook)

* She was Tom Stemberg’s first wife and were together for 10 years.

* She is Episcopalian

* Her family calls her “Firecracker”

* Her friends call her Mozy

* Loves listening to Sting, Nina Simone and Bob Dylan

* Favorite Movies are Casablanca, Color Purple, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, West Side Story, Closer, Crash among others.

* Favorite Books are To Kill a Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye.

* Has a profile on She Writes.

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg bioMaureen Sullivan Stemberg FacebookMaureen Sullivan Stemberg Huffington PostMaureen Sullivan Stemberg son MacMaureen Sullivan Stemberg Tom Stemberg wife biography

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