Gilberto Gil Valle- NYPD Cannibal Cop Busted by His Wife but then Released!

A Veteran NYPD officer Gilberto Valle aka Gil Valle  was busted today by her wife who found trails of a complot her husband was planning against 2 possible victims who he would rape, torture, kill and eat their body parts, the description of what he planned to do to these women  sounds like taken from a horror movie.

Gilberto Valle Cannibal Cop married

He listed more than 100 women on his computer, federal investigators said, but there was no information that he actually committed any crime described above.

His wife must have been shocked when she found out the double life her husband and father of her baby daughter had. It must have been not only scary but a tough decision to become the stoolie.

Gilberto Valle III, a native from Queens was born on April 14, 1984 to 56-year-old Elizabeth Valle and Gilberto Valle Lopez. He graduated from Archbishop Molloy High School in 2002 and lived in College Park, MD in 2004 during this time he studied psychology and criminal justice at  the University of Maryland.

5 years later he moved  into Forest Hills, NY. He actually lived in a six-story apartment building with white pillars on a a calmed middle class neighborhood with a nearby playground, 6960 108th St, Apt 309 in Forest Hills, NY 11375

He seemed to be a normal and good person according to the superintendent who couldn’t believe his arrest. Gil Valle younger brother 26-year-old Daniel

He took advantage of his NYPD access to files  on a computer to search for all personal information of his possible victims, on September he exchanged emails and text messages with  known and unknown co- conspirators  about kidnapping, torturing, killing, cooking and ultimately eating  a large number of women.

In the files found in Valle’s personal computer the FBI found the  names of this women some even had their pictures attached, at least 10 of them listed by name and last name said they know Gilberto Valle.

The following text  was taken from a conversation between Gil Valle and one of his conspirators who agreed to pay Valle a sum of cash if he kidnapped, torture and cook a female victim.

Gil Valle emails

Gil Valle emails 1

In other chat..

Gil Valle Wife

Gil Valle emails 2


Read Legal complaint against Gil Valle here

Gilberto Valle was busted by the FBI after they received a tip from his wife, who gave birth to  her daughter this month.

Gilberto Valle Cannibal Cop apartmentGilberto Valle Cannibal Cop marriedGilberto Valle Cannibal Cop bioGilberto Valle Cannibal Cop FacebookGilberto Valle mother Elizabeth ValleDaniel Valle Gilberto Valle brother

The so-called cannibal cop is getting his first taste of freedom after 21 months in jail.

Former NYPD officer Gilberto Valle’s conviction on a charge of plotting to kidnap, kill and eat young women has been overturned and a judge said Tuesday morning he could be released on a $100,000 bond with home detention, restricted computer use and mental health treatment.

There was insufficient evidence for a jury to find Valle guilty last year, Manhattan Federal Judge Paul Gardephe ruled late Monday, acquitting Valle on the most serious count in his conviction, kidnapping conspiracy, for which the defendant faced a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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