Ruth Pomerance Is Secret Service Rafael Prieto’s wife

A new scandal was discovered concerning of one the agents at the Secret Service, not it was not prostitution but this new mess doesn’t  stop from being weird, Rafael Prieto a veteran member of the U.S Secret Service killed himself after his affair with a Mexican woman was discovered, Secret Service Agent Prieto was married to Ruth Pomerance with whom he had children.

Secret Service agent Rafael Prieto wife Ruth Pomerance

Certainly  when a married person get they butt caught in the middle of a steamy affair, sounds like trouble, but Secret Service Agent Rafael Prieto was estranged from his wife and mother of his children Ruth Pomerance, so why took this desperate measure and killed himself, why was this affair so terrible that he didn’t see any other solution but to take his life?

I really find  this weird, 47-year-old Rafael Prieto had been working with the Secret service for more than 20 years, his father is Rafael V. Prieto and he studied at National University, was a well known and respected Secret Service Agent in New York with lots of friends.

Prieto got married to his wife Ruth in 1993 but media  revealed they have become estranged, it is not sure how or when did Prieto began his affair with this unidentified Mexican mistress, but it was reported that they have been having the affair for years and was until another Agent tip the agency about Prieto’s affair, this agent was among the secret service agent in the prostitution scandal in Cartagena, Colombia, allegedly because he thought the Secret Service was not enforcing their rules as they should, OK, translation he was bitter because he got his ass caught in Colombia and if he went down everybody else breaking the rules was going down too.

What rules was Rafael Prieto breaking exactly, besides cheating on his wife? what did the Secret Service had to do there? nothing but Prieto should have informed them about his relationship with a foreign citizen. Why? to make sure that person is not a dangerous individual to national security, and it wasn’t so why? Why did he killed himself?

Agent Prieto’s cause of death was carbon dioxide poisoning, as he was found inside his car with the engine running at his home in Washington.

when he was not in DC he was at his home in NYC, there he was the agent in charged of the Secret Service’s office in White Plains, N.Y.

Agent Rafael Prieto’s wife is 53-year-old Ruth Pomerance  from New York is the daughter of Dr. Alan Pomerance and his wife Iris K. Feldman Pomerance. She studied at NYU and a 1977 graduate from the Friends Seminary in NY.

Now Ruth Pomerance’s resume is quite impressive, she ran Michael Ovitz’ Artists Management Group [1999-2000], Executive VP/Production and Development at USA Films [2000-2002] and IDT Entertainment [2003-2005], Head of Entertainment Initiative at The Rockwell Group [2006-2009] and has worked with Arnold Kopelson, Lee Rich, Scott Rudin, Fred Zollo, and John Davis.

Ruth wrote an article at Vanity Fair where she talked with Mona Simpson {Steve Jobs’ sister] about her 2010 novel “My Hollywood”.

Ruth Pomerance Secret Service agent rafael Prieto wife picRuth Pomerance Secret Service agent rafael Prieto wife picture

She got married to her husband  on October, 1993, at that time Ruth was Vice-President at Lee Rich Company in NY. Ruth and Prieto are the proud parents of their son Aaron Prieto.

Aaron Prieto secret service agent rafael prieto son

You can find Ruth Pomerance on Facebook here, Twitter here and Google+ here

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