Steven G. Bresler is Brie Lybrand’s Father

New Orleans queen Brie Lybrand took to Youtube to speak about her horrific childhood where she was allegedly abused by her father  since aged 4. Lybrand’s father is Steven G. Bresler who is now married to a woman  the same Brie called by her named Suz Bresler.

Brie Lynbrand father Steven bresler pic

Brie Lybrand’s who has been posting beauty videos on her YouTube channel posted a very different video last month, she took the decision to do so after her father Steven Bresler subscribed to her channel; normally this will make every daughter happy to have her father interested in her beauty tips videos but for Ms. Lybrand was the total opposite, why? Brie said her father first abuse happened when she was 4, it stopped when she was 13. Brie also tells how Bresler tried to kill her mother in front of her many times

56-year-old Steven Bresler and 56-year-old Rhonda Lybrand got married on August 1984, they had two children together Brittany [Brie]and Zachary. Rhonda filed for divorce on November 1998 citing habitual cruelty, inhuman treatment and irreconcilable differences, divorce was granted to her on those grounds on August 21, 2000, 8 days later Bresler filed a counterclaim for  divorce on the same grounds. that was overruled, so he filed a second motion on October, 2000 and a third one on April, 2001 when the second was denied on March, 2001.

Here are some pictures Brie posted on her Twitter, that is her mother Rhonda beaten up by Steven Bresler. Thanks to Bill a reader for that.

Read Rhonda Lybrand and Steven Bresler legal divorce documents here.

Steven G, Bresler was born December 29, 1955, he graduated from Isidore Newman School in New Orleans in 1974. After that he lived in Long Beach and Gulfport, MS.

Steven Bresler is a city council at Corry, Pennsylvania where he serves as city’s director of public safety they call him Honorable Steven G. Bresler. He is married to 48-year-old Glenda Bresler also known as Suz Bresler on Twitter.

Steven Bresler Brie Lynbrand father picSteven Bresler Brie Lynbrand father pictureSteven bresler wife glenda bresler suz breslerSteven Bresler Brie Lynbrand father

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  1. PROOF she just posted to her Twitter in response to him denying it on the Corry, PA newsletter:

  2. I stand with my daughter . The time has come for the truth to come out. Brie did in 12 minutes what I was unable to do in years—get someone to listen and now the world is listening!

    • im sincerly so sorry there is such ugliness is in this world and that brie or anyone would ever have to edure such horrible pain. even reading comments of people talking insignificant laws or doubting her is heartless. good luck and you are correct the world is finding out quickly

  3. I’ve watched the video. She admits that she’s never had a chance to make her allegations in court. Likewise, he has never had the chance to confront his accusor, as is his constitutional right. The fundamentals of fairness require that we withold judgement until the truth comes out.

  4. Since Isador is a private high school did this sob go to college or not because he was practicing consumer law in LA when he lived there!

  5. Bria, honey I pray that God heals you from this pain, I know how it is to bury something that hurt you so bad and then after years you dig up the grave. I’m writing a book and I had to dig up the grave too. I too was rape and it’s horrible and unforgettable. Your case no words can explain. Honey get some counseling so you can heal if you have not. If you like you can reach out to me. We can turn our pain into joy one step at a time.

  6. So. Do you think she’ll play herself in the movie ?

  7. So what has been the sickos response? Is he denying it or is he sorry.

    don’t know if this is real or not

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