Christopher Burch is Designer Tory Burch’s ex- Husband

Fashion designer  Toy Burch is getting into a messy lawsuit with her ex-husband Christopher Burch, the  Burches legal lawsuits against each other have been  describes as “one of the oddest ex-spousal relationships in New York society.” Check more about Tory’s ex-hubby Chris Burch in the story below.

Christopher Burch Tory Burch husband

Christopher Burch filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife designer Tory Burch three weeks ago, claiming the following..

WWD reports that Chris is claiming Tory “interfered in multiple ways” with his new brand and that she has “hijacked the bidding process” of the sale of his stake in the company.

In an interview Chris Burch  he discussed the lawsuit against Tory’s brand and about her.

“Tory and I are the majority shareholders of the company. We built the company together, we founded it together. Tory used my experience in the back and my experience in fashion and production and sourcing, and she created a lot of the styles, a lot of the fashion.”

Chris Burch Interview Video

And well, now Tory filed a lawsuit against Chris.

Chris Burch’s Biography

J. Christopher Burch was born on March 28, 1953 to Mr. and Mrs. John Walter Burch of St. David’s, Pa. He studied at Ithaca College and started his own business in 1976. He is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, with branches in NY and Shanghai. His family business was Eagle’s Eye apparel with an initial budget of $2,000. He named the company after his dad’s nickname: Eagle. With time, he had 50 retail stores. He sold the company on 1989 for $60 million!

He met his first wife in 1981, a fashion consultant, Susan Cole who is the mother of his three daughters: Pookie (Alexandra), Louisa, and Izzie. They lived in Philadelphia.

Before his first divorce in 1996, he met Tory Robinson, a beautiful blonde Vera Wang publicist and he was married to her for 9 years, starting on 1997. They had three sons: Sawyer, Nicholas and Henry (twins.) He also made business with his former wife, after selling the company, and invested in women’s fashion label Tory Burch.

In 2006, he dedicated to real estate and worked together with architects to develop projects even in South America. He created, in 2008 J. Christopher Capital to handle all his work. He is also part of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.

Christopher Burch Kids PicsChrisBurchpicBurch Christopher picChristopher Burch picChris-Burchpic[4]

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