David Yount – Erica Hill’s Husband

The happy couple David Yount and Erica Hill, the last one, popular among the fans of Anderson Cooper 360 and CBS’s Early Show, are expecting a baby!!! I’m sure you want to hear about that and to know Mr. Yount info, pics and video? then you are in the right place, because we can tell lots about Mrs. Hill’s hubby

It was her colleague at Early Show  who broke the news today. He said:

When she’s not pregnant on ‘AC 360,’ she’s pregnant here on our show, this is Erica Hill.

The Yount couple already have a 2 years old boy named Weston Robert. Nobody knows yet if it is a baby girl or baby boy. It doesn’t matter, the little princess or prince will inherit the genes of daddy and mum. Cute is surely something coming along too. Mummy is considered one of the most beautiful women on Earth. To be exact,  ranking number 35 in People Magazine.

The love pair got married on October 15, 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia. They both had pictured their ceremony on a beach and going barefoot. Yount proposed to Erica in May 2004 . Finally and due to their duties they had to get married somewhere else, but the wedding was great. The way it should have been, surrounded by the people that loved them both the most.  The wedding took place at Trolley Barn in Atlanta’s Inman Park.  The wedding had around  200 guests that came from different countries.

Mr. Yount declared back then:

Anyone can write a ceremony, but to act it out and have it be what you envisioned when you wrote the words on the paper is a totally different thing.

Their first child,  Weston Robert was born on November 26, 2006 just after his his parents one year wedding anniversary.

Hill’s husband can be described in few words as father, husband, subway rider, founder of @LicenseLogix, lawyer and optimist.

You can also follow David  on Twitter , find him on Google+ , Facebook here and get an insight of his work in The Big Apple at http://www.licenselogix.com

David Yount’s Bio

David Michael Yount was born in USA on Aug. 29th, 1969 in Indianapolis. His full name is David M.Yount. He went to law school and before finishing his career he married to Mrs. Hill since Oct. 15th, 2005. They are parents of two children (and expecting one.) Weston Robert, was born on November 26th, 2006. Sawyer Steven Yount (8 lbs. 4 oz.), was born on March 23rd, 2010 in NYC.

Mr. Yount obtained his BA, Broadcast Communication from San Francisco State University in 1997, and his JD fron The John Marshall Law School in 2006. From August 1997 until May 2000 he worked at ZDTV/ Tech TV as a Director and Studio Crew chief, then became a Channel Sales manager for a year until May 2001 at Akamai Technologies, in Jan. 2002 he was an account Executive at TRUSTe.

On August 2004 until April 2008 he was an attorney at Levenson & Associates, last year David Yount founded LicenseLogix where he also serves as CEO.

From LicenseLogix…

“We focus on streamlining the process of obtaining business licenses and permits for all types of entities in the U.S. Outsource your corporate compliance to the professionals!”

Erica Hill son pic Yount Couple pic Erica Hill and David Yount son pic David Yount son pic


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