Priya Narang Elliott- Good Morning America Josh Elliott’s ex-Wife

Priya Narang Elliott is Josh Elliott’s of Good Morning America ex-wife. Marriage didn’t work and after their divorce, she has the primary custody of their daughter, Sarina. He admitted to her that he was a sex addict after being caught having sex after their honeymoon and then again with ESPN interns.

Josh Elliott ex wife Priya Narang elliott pic

Elliott (42 yrs. old/6 feet 5 inches) is a TV journalist and news anchor for ABC network. He had worked for the LIVE show from ESPN: Sports Center. He also was a co-host on Cola Pizza and NEWS and First Take from ESPN.

He went to Loyola High school in LA and University of California at Santa Barbara and Columbia University of Journalism. He was a TV producer for Galaxy Productions and then changed to 20th Century Fox. One of his first jobs was on Sports Illustrated. No wonder why he had a weakness for females… How would Priya have felt after knowing about him cheating on her?

Recently Priya’s ex-husband is having a hard time among his co-workers since he has so low self-esteem that he needs to be reassured by others to feel good about himself. The reasons of their break-up didn’t reach the news but we can be pretty sure this Don Juan has more issues hidden under his womanizer life style. A couple has to trust each other and he couldn’t do so and in consequence had to misbehave which leaded to the couple’s separation.

These are some comments, regarding his problems, people say about him:

Josh is extremely insecure and needs constant validation from everyone around him about how wonderful he is and what a great job he is doing. Josh doesn’t get along with Lara Spencer at all, and the two have had multiple fights over trivial issues about how stories are covered. The only female Josh hasn’t fought with is Robin Roberts, because he respects her for her previous work at ESPN.

Josh does have a daughter from his former marriage to Priya Narang Elliot, and that relationship ended in divorce. Josh is high maintenance, and if viewers could see what he was like off the air, people would be truly shocked.

And what about Elliott’s e-wife Priya, some said the married ended due to his multiple infidelities.

Priya Narang Elliot Josh lliot ex wife pics

44-year-old Priya Kumari Narang Elliot from Westport, Ct was born on September 2, 1968. Priya graduated from the University of Vermont.

Priya Narang Elliot Josh lliot ex wife photo

There was a time when Priya Narang was starting her outstanding advertising career with Young & Rubicam where she served as media planner, she was responsible  for all BMW’s media, DeBeers, Bacardi,Volkswagen, Sprint with DeWitt Media, for five years she was an associate publisher of marketing at Vogue, and is today a VP-Global media with Citibank National Association.

Priya Narang Elliot Josh lliot ex wife pic

As for Ms. Narang Elliott we can tell you that she keeps a low profile and even though her ex-husband is famous on the national TV broadcasting, she protects her privacy and that from her daughter’s. Rumors say that she is still single. No serious relationship with anyone, the love of her life is her adorable 3-year-old daughter Sarina from her marriage with the Good Morning America anchor, however there is this pic of Priya dancing and she is sporting a suspicious round belly, or is just the way her body is twisting? did she remarry? had more babies?

Priya Narang Elliot Josh lliot ex wife picture

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  1. dolores castaneda

    who cares about his married life, i think he is great!!!!!
    people that don’t like him are just plain jelous.

  2. Everybody has a past we all do things that we will or might regret. No matter what it is it doesn’t define you. As long as you surround yourself with people who see and love you for who you are at this moment in time, not for your yesterdays or for what your tomorrows hold for you, but for what you expect for yourself…..LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALY FOR NO ONE KNOWS THE WEIGHT OF YOUR HEART……nothing but love for Josh Elliott.. ; )

  3. Of his marriage didn’t work out! He’s gay and in love with Sam Champion who married someone else after he was through with him. Duh!! The show is trying to get them back together by sending them on a romantic trip back to Josh’s home town.

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