Lauren Parsekian is Breaking Bad Aaron Paul’s wife (PHOTOS)

Lauren Parsekian was one of the sexy women walking the red carpet at the Emmy’s, but hold on to that she is off limits as she is the new bride of  the Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul.

Aaron Paul Lauren Parsekian

33-year-old Aaron Paul just won an Emmy, he thanked all the people in Breaking Bad, his parents and last not not least his beautiful wife Lauren Parsekian, Boy she is stunning!!

Lauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend-picsLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend-imagesLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend-picture

25-year-old Lauren Parsekian was born on September 30, 1986 to the 53-year-old actress Deborah Persekian aka Debra Kelly and 56-year-old Thomas Parsekian and has two loving siblings, brother Liam and sister Brooke. Lauren who currently resides in San Monica, CA, previously lived in Laguna Nigel.

Debra Kelly Parsekian Thomas ParsekianLauren Parsekian family photo

Ms. Persekian who is a director, producer of her fantastic company Kind Company’s documentary  “Finding Kind” created in February 11, 2009  in Malibu by Lauren and her BFF Molly Thompson to help those girls and women who are victim of bullying.

Lauren Parsekian Molly Thompson Finding KindLauren Parsekian Molly Thompson Kind CampaignLauren Parsekian Finding KindLauren Parsekian Finding Kind picLauren Parsekian Finding Kind picture

Lauren graduated from Dana Hills High School in 2005, she then studied telecommunication at Pepperdine University and after her graduation in 2009 she worked with Susan Salas as a director of photography and cinematographer.

Lauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend imageLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend-picLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend picturesLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend-photos

Lauren met her beau at the Coachella festival a couple of years ago they took their relationship to the next level, I mean dating level the following year when the went to the Coachella festival. Paul popped the question last December.

The couple  got married on Sunday May 26, 2013.

Aaron Paul Lauren Parsekian piccLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend imagesLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend pictureLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend-photoLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend photosLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend--picLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend photoLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend picLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul Girlfriend picsLauren Parsekian engagement ringLauren Parsekian twitterLauren Parsekian Aaron Paul fiancee


You can find Lauren Parsekian in Twitter here and Facebook here.

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