Kathy Allen is General John Allen’s Wife

Kathy Allen might be joining Holly Petraeus is her nightmare and pain, as reports emerged today that her husband General John Allen is under investigation for inappropriate communications with Jill Kelley the Florida woman who alerted the FBI about certain harassing emails she received from Petraeus’ mistress Paula Broadwell.

Kathy Allen General John Allen wife picture

Between 2010, 2011 an this year Jill Kelley exchanged over 30.000 emails with married General John Allen, the emails described as inappropriate were discovered after General Petraeus affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell was uncovered.

58-year-old Marine General Allen was a Central Command in Tampa, where Kelley lives with her hubby Dr. Scott Kelley, after he left Tampa he replaced Gen, Petraeus in 2011 at Afghanistan, is married to his wife Karhy Allen with whom he has two daughters 26-year-old Bobbie Allen a singer and songwriter and 32-year-old Betty Allen Wightman (married to Sam Wightman) a first grade teacher at Waynewood Elementary School.

General John Allen daughter Bobbie Allen photoBetty Wightman General John Allen daughterBobbie Allen general John Allen daughter

Gen. Allen’s Wife is 58-year-old Katherine Glickert Allen also known as Kathy Allen born on February 16, 1954 to Betty Batchelder Glickert and Marine Major Robert Winslow Glickert , her previous addresses were in Tampa, Alexandria and Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Mrs. Allen has two brothers Robert and William.

Allegedly Kathy Allen and Jill Kelley are good friends,

You can follow Kathy Allen on Twitter here. and daughter Bobbie Allen is here.

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