Judy McAfee Is Antivirus Mogul John McAfee’s Wife

Meet Judy McAfee, she is or used to be John McAfee’s wife, the antivirus mogul who is a fugitive of Belize’s law in relationship with Gregory Faull’s murder who was his neighbor in Belize. What do you think Judy McAfee think of all of this? Do you think she is thankful she is no longer with him?


67-year-old John McAfee one a millionaire created his empire with the computer antivirus  and varies scanner that carries his name, after 2009 his estimated $100 M fortune has decreased to $4 M and he was no longer involved in McAfee but was living in Belize.

It was in Belize that we have heard the craziest stories about John McAfee, from getting his house raid by Belize Gang Suppression Unit while his 17-year-old girlfriend from Belize was there, the GSU accused him of unlicensed drug manufacturing and possession of an unlicensed weapon. We all read that article about McAfee’s many girlfriends, read it here.

John McAfee 17 year old Belize girlfriend pic

This week we heard that his neighbor was killed and he was sort of a suspect, somehow he escaped by  burying himself in the sand and a cardboard box, he said that he didn’t kill the guy but it Belize police found him they are going to charge him and kill him, authorities said he is not a suspect but a person of interest

“You can say I’m paranoid about it but they will kill me, there is no question,” said McAfee, per Wired. “They’ve been trying to get me for months. They want to silence me. I am not well liked by the prime minister. I am just a thorn in everybody’s side.”

The info there about  McAfee’s wife Judy McAfee is so vague, we know that she was a yoga enthusiastic, a former flight attendant at American airlines who helped her husband’s business  in her free time. It is uncertain if Judy and her husband got divorce or just separated and is unknown if they had any communication now he was living in Belize.

We know that back in the late 90’s he was dating 37-year-old Jennifer Irwin, the last pictures of them together were taken between  2009 and 2010. They dated for 14 years.

John McAfee  girlfriend Jennifer IrwinJohn McAfee girlfriend Jen IrwinJohn McAfee girlfriend Jennifer Irwin

For sure we know that he never dated Allison Adonizio the stunning young Harvard biologist who moved to Belize to work with him in his lab.

Allison Adonizio John McAfee picAllison Adonizio John McAfee

And what about McAfee’s Wife Judy?

We only know that 58-year-old Judith R. McAfee was born on January 3, 1954, some of Judy McAfee’s previous addresses were in Bremerton, WA, Woodland Park, CO  and Watsonville, CA. Mrs. While she was with her husband they resided with their six cats in Santa Clara, Ca. Find McAfee on Facebook here.

Judy McAfee John McAfee wife

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  1. As the mother of McAfee’s child she is probably disturbed at the chaos that has become John’s life. What a sad waste.

  2. Any news on this story? It has everything – drug trafficking, mdpv sex drugs, child prostitutes, sex spies, terrorism, bestiality, murder – you name it. The feds need to arrest John Mcafee soon!

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