Sara Walker Humphries- FBI Agent Frederick W. Humphries II’s Wife

Before his name was popular these days, Humphries had been identified as “shirtless” agent who sent a picture of himself to Jill Kelley supposedly as a funny joke?? Well it turns out Humphries has a wife of his own it looks like he does have a life outside of work after all huh!

frederick- humphries-fbi

Lucky FBI lady and Mrs. Humphries would be Sara E. Walker now Sara Humphries. She was born in March 21, 1971. Her parents; mother Barbara Walker 67, and father Lloyd Walker 77.

It appears to be that Sara Walker Humphries and Jill Kelley move in the same social circles and that’s where the bond with husband, FBI agent comes from.

The 41 year old Sara is a teacher and has lived in Oakton, VA ; in Dover, FL from 1989 – 2007 and in Pleasant Plains, IL. If we are not mistaken Fred Humphries II’s Wife Sara Humphries graduated in 2006 from the University of South Florida, since last August she is a ESE-Gifted teacher at TSFC.

Now that we know what is the link between them do you think it was OK of Humphries to send that picture of himself to his friend Jill Kelley??

Humphries has had a notable FBI career but now is reported that he  has become obsessed with the case or perhaps is just his way to do things?? He has been praised for his work and integrity but now he has been ordered to stay away from the Petraeus case precisely for his close ties to Kelley.

He has been involved in quite a few terrorism investigations and in the controversial persecution of an Egyptian student on terrorism charges in Florida. So maybe, don’t you think he might be a little overqualified for this? After all he is used to deal with the serious stuff and some real bad guys. Maybe he should just stay away and further more because of his relationship with Kelley. Maybe just maybe this time he should step down and let others do the dirty job. I bet Wife Sara Humphries feels the same way!


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