Maj Axelsson- Hagman- Larry Hagman’s Wife

Actor Larry Hagman famous for his role as JR in Dallas as my favorite Major Anthony Nelson in I Dream Of Jeannie lost his battle to stage 4 cancer  in Dallas on November 23, 2012, he left behind his daughter Heidi, son Preston and  his soulmate his loving and caring wife Maj Axelsson Hagman, this is her story.

Maj Axelsson Hagman Larry Hagman wife photo

Maj Irene Axelsson Hagman spend 54 years of her life happily married to the man of her dreams, they got married on December 18th, 1954, four years later she gave birth to her beautiful daughter Heidi Kristina now 54 and in 1962 her son Preston Benjamin Hagman was born.

84-year-old Maj Axelsson  was born in Sweden on May 13, 1928, she was a designer living in London when she met her soon to be hubby who was serving in  the US Air Force.

Their first date was at  the Colony Club on Berkeley Square, they dated for eight months, he proposed to her while they were on their  car and got stuck in the mud, not a romantic scenery but she said “Yes”.

Larry Hagman Maj Axelsson wedding picLarry Hagman Maj Axelsson wedding pictureMaj Axelsson Hagman Larry Hagman wife picture

Maj Hagman walked the aisle twice in London first during their civil ceremony and the second along her father Axl in a beautiful Swedish ceremony, Maj’s little sister Berit attended.

Maj Axelsson Hagman Larry Hagman wife-imageMaj Axelsson Hagman Larry Hagman wife-pictures

Maj and her hubby lived in the UK  until 1956, after that they went to live in Malibu, California. Maj then became involved in the real state business.

Maj Axelsson Hagman Larry Hagman wife picLarry Hagman family picLarry Hagman family photo

Maj was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2005 they were living in Ojai, Cali at the time, when her condition worsen and required 24-hour nursing care her husband moved her to assisted-living facility, out the Ojai’s house on the market and went to live to their house in Santa Monica, located close to Maj’s nursing home.

Maj Axelsson Hagman Larry Hagman wife-photoMaj Axelsson Hagman Larry Hagman wife-photosMaj Axelsson Hagman Larry Hagman wife-picMaj Axelsson Hagman Larry Hagman wife picsLarry Hagman wife Maj Axelsson Hagman picMaj Axelsson Hagman Larry Hagman wife pictures

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