Patty Jobs is Steve Jobs’ Sister (PHOTO)

Some people referred to Patty Jobs as Steve Jobs adopted sister, I really think Patty is as much of a sister as Mona Simpson is, so for me Patty is  Mr. Jobs’ beloved sister who he protected with his life. Ironically my path and Patty’s path met a year ago.

There is so little information about Patty Jobs. When his dear brother passed away last year, I was writing on a blog called celebrity daily, I was so interested in finding everything about her: where is she? how does she looks like? that I got immerse in her life and The story I wrote on Patti with an “I” received millions of visits and  many people took the time to post some amazing comments.

Some of them said they have met her, worked with her or even babysat for her.

Joann Serrano says:

I knew Pattie in the late 70′s early 80′s when we both worked at a grocery store – Fry’s Market in Milpitas , CA, near San Jose. I just remember she had one child, was single, and was having some real hard times and she said she went to her brother, Steve Jobs, for some help and “he wouldn’t give her a dime.” The only other thing I remember about her was that she was friends with either the man who was stabbed and killed at the Altamont Festival or the man who who did the stabbing.

Betty Hernandez says:

My mother Laraine Miller also worked at Fry’s food store also in the 80′s with Pattie.I used to babysit for single mother Patti.

None of those knew her, then came the comments from the people who did knew Patty, these people corrected them and expressed their condolences or  found that the story was a way they could re-connect with their old friend, one day even Steve Jobs’s other sister Mona Simpson left a comment. Certainly the most important comments were posted by Patty herself, at first she didn’t said who she was, but I guess she got tired of people fabricating stories about her or saying hateful things about Steve, that she finally said who she was.

patty says:

These comments about me are false.

I don’t know these people and the only ones who babysat for me were my parents.

Verna says:

If Patty is really reading this, I just want you to know that I have been thinking about you and I am sending you prayers of comfort during this hard time. Your West Vally Elementary School friend.

Jane Parks-McKay says:

  • If Patti is here, I, too, would like to express my sympathy to you, this must be very tough and know we are praying for you and the rest of the family.


In one comment Patty said after reading Isaacson’s book she thought she could write a book and get things right that were not in Isaacoson book or were left out, plus she could use the money. After her comment some people misinterpreted her words (talking about the money) and expressed their sympathy about her brother  not helping her, Patty responded by adding that Steve did helped her in many ways other than money throughout the years,  he was also very protective of her.


I’m sorry Steve didn’t help you.


Steve helped me in other ways over the years.

I wish people would quit calling me the adoptive sister. We were both adopted and grew up together. I’ve known him for 54 yrs. Geez!

As for the book, I guess it might be still on her mind, but  she wouldn’t like people to think she was doing it  to take advantage of her brother’s fame and  because of who she is. That is understandable but  I also think if she ever gets started with that book it would be a total mind blowing.

John A.

Hi Patty,

First off, I’d like to offer my condolences – I’ve read about half the book so far and you are conspicuously absent through most of it.

From the way the book reads thus far, I’m of the opinion that Steve wasn’t particularly well balanced emotionally.

I would hope that if you feel the book portrays your brother incorrectly that you do write your own book.

Did Walter Issacson even interview you for Steve’s book?


Thanks for the encouragement to write a book. I’ve thought about it for years, but don’t really know how to start.

John A: No, I was never interviewed and somewhat wonder why, but my brother always was trying to protect me. I’m not one that would do well with media.

My son and I could use the money from a book. We struggle and I wouldn’t want to share such private matters unless we could be fairly compensated.


Just think about the great stories she could tell us about her childhood with her brother, how amazing her parents were to them ( I mean there is so little about them in  Isaacson’s book, which is really a shame), Patty could also tell us what is the most incredible memory she has of Steve, probably she finds many aspects of him in his children, son Reed and daughters Lisa, Erin and Eve.

I found many comments interesting and sweet, so many people sharing their memories about the time they spent with her and vice versa, every new comment was a  surprise to me but nothing can’t compare to the biggest surprise on my inbox, a mail from Patty.

It all began after reading the comments and  connecting all the dots that convinced me that it would  be worth to give it shot and send Patty an email which I did, and guess what? SHE WROTE ME BACK. I am not going to talk about those emails and the reason I am once again writing a story about her  is because so many people make up things  about her and so many people wonder what  happened to her, why didn’t  Isaacson talked more about her in his book, or why didn’t he interviewed her, so here I am going to tell you just a couple of things that you could also find in your computer if you take the time to look for Steve Jobs’ dearest sister Patty, perhaps together you and me could really find the real her.

55-year-old Patricia Ann Jobs was born on June 24th, 1957, she was adopted  by Paul and Clara Hapogian Jobs when she was just a little baby, her big brother probably was around two and a half  at that time.

Some of her previous addresses were in Sunnyvale, Los Altos, and Kinwin Ln in Cupertino, some of the commentators that got in touch with Patty were people who she met at school either at West Vally Elementary School, Cupertino Jr. High School or Homestead High in Cupertino ( I think she graduated in 1975 or 1974, or maybe not I couldn’t find any record of Patty’s graduation).

People who knew Steve have briefly talked  about Patty, for example Dan Kottke, who was one of his best friends they met during their freshman year in Reed College. Dan eventually went to Columbia but kept in touch with his dear friend Steve.

In 1976, he dropped by the Jobs’ house after he [Steve] asked him to help him out on a computer project, Dan said that when he arrived Patty was helping her brother by plugging chips in the Apple I board, she was working at a Taco Bell at that time. Other people who claimed they one met her said they worked with her at a Fry’s Market, but after doing some research I found her current working place.

Patty Jobs has been working at  De Anza College in San Francisco for over 17 years, she was first a supervisor of the information center but when the position was cut in 2008 she became a payroll technician in the Budget and Personnel department, she was named Employee of the month (March) during the Academic year of 1996-97.

Her beloved mother Clara died on November 7, 1986 at age 62 of lung cancer, her father Paul subsequently remarry to her stepmother Marilyn Jobs who still lives at Patty’s old house. Mr. Paul Jobs died on March 5, 1993 at the age of 70. It is believe Patty got married  in her early 20’s and has now a son believe to be in his 30’s; it is not sure is a Michael named  in a comment is her husband or her son. Found some record that Patty Jobs is or was also known as Patricia A Remainderm  or Patricia A Rm Jobs.

Most recently we found that Patty has been helping the  crew at the new Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher by pointing out some of the details they didn’t got right, like the furniture at her childhood home, or the color of the car her brother was driving t that time, talked about how  bothering it was to see her brother bathing in the backyard with the hose, and his lack of clothing.

“He kind of lived in the shed. I said, ‘Do you really have to run around naked?’ ” Patty Jobs recalled.

The photos below are probable images of Patty Jobs, please if she is not the same person in this story let us know.

Patty Jobs Steve Jobs Sister picsPatty Jobs Steve Jobs Sister

Steve Jobs Video

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  1. Knowing Patty somewhat I can tell you for certain that the picture above does not include one of her.
    I respect her rights to keep as private as she chooses. Patty is a very sweet person. Reading the Jobs book I felt sorry for him that he totally missed the boat and opportunity to show a little more love for her as I’m sure he felt. She worked through the night in that garage putting that first shipment together for her bro.
    I’m glad she connected with him in his final days.

  2. When I worked with Patty in the early 90s she was quite petite, short and slender with long dark hair and light brown skin tone. I don’t see any resemblance to anyone in those photos. It was very evident at that time that Patty was not getting much, if any, help from her brother Steve. I knew of some of her struggles. My impression was that she was very hard working and doing her best to provide for her child, and that her brother was not much involved or interested in her life. Such a shame. There was no reason at all that he could not have helped her more. But Patty can be proud of herself and hold her head high as an independent woman who did her best for her child.

  3. Steve’s wife should help Patty. This is not just because she is his sister but for all the time and efforts she has put in so that Steve could achieve his goals. Also, it would be really good if she writes a book about their childhood, parents, friends and environment in which they lived.

  4. I only want to say how I have missed my friend Patti. Where ever you are let it be known that I have thought about many times over the years. God Bless you my old friend. Do what you need to do and don’t worry what other people think. Laurie

  5. Hi Patty – I hope you read this. I just saw this today. Condolences to you on the death of your brother. You should most definitely write about you, your life, your son, Steve (only if you want). Do a blog – an online diary of sorts. I would even help you get started. You sound like a lovely person. Peace to you and your son.


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