Danielle Schreiber- Jason Patric’s ex-Girlfriend

This is a true modern family story: we found at the beginning of November that Jason Patric who was constantly breaking up and getting back together with his GF of more than ten years, Danielle Schreiber offered a trade to her: sperm instead of money!

jason-patric-danielle pic

This was brought into the public attention when all this info was presented on a court hearing. He offered his most valuable asset, his sperm since he couldn’t give Danielle any money. They split up in early 2009, so Danielle got pregnant, she would  become a mommy soon , her ex Patric was just the sperm donor, Schreiber would not seek child support or tell anyone about the arrangement.

Jason and Danielle’s baby son Gus was born in December, 2009 sure we never heard about this gorgeous boy because of their previous arrangement, Schreiber agreed on keeping it quiet and she kept her promise, but then in 2011, they got back together but it was not for too long by  May, 2012 they broke up AGAIN.

When they were together, Jason never paid Danielle for child support… The star from Lost Boys, decided to go to court because he got so close to Gus that he wanted to have legal visitation rights to see his son. He fell for the child and and filed legal docs in family court asking a judge to award him half-half custody. The judge in charge of the case temporarily gave sole legal and physical custody of the boy to Danielle, with Jason being given visitation rights. The court denied Danielle Schreiber’s request to dismiss the lawsuit on the allegation that Patric was merely a “sperm donor.”

What do you think about this cases that become more and more common nowadays? Women have become so independent and self-sufficient that they just need a male’s seed to become single mums. The hard thing is when these dads want to meet the kids or if they never do, the children are the ones who look for them.

atric had previously been shut down by another judge last year in his bid for parental rights. The judge ruled — since Patric donated his sperm to someone to whom he wasn’t married and the woman conceived with the help of a doctor– he had no paternity rights or claim of custody.

Patric later appealed the decision which he just WON.

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