Janney “Chiquis” Rivera is Mexican Singer Jenni Rivera’s daughter

Mexico is mourning the death of one of their talented daughters Jenni Rivera died in a terrible plane crash in Monterrey. Jenni is Janney Marin aka Chiquis Marin Rivera’s mother.


27-year-old Janney “Chiquis” Marín Rivera was born in the U.S in 1985 to Jenni Rivera and José Trinidad Marín, Janney has two siblings 25-year-old Jacqueline Marin Rivera 21-year-old Michael Marin Rivera, plus two half-siblings Jenicka López Rivera and Johnny López Rivera from her mom’s second marriage to Juan Lopez. Janney Marin doesn’t live in Mexico, but in Long Beach, Cali.

In 2010 her mom produced Janney’s reality show Chiquis & Raq-C along her friend Raquel Cordova, Janney then appeared in her family’s reality I Love Jenni in 2011 and this year in Chiquis ‘n Control in 2012.

Janney chiquis marin rivera jenni rivera daughter imageNUP_143182_0001chiquis marin Jenni Rivera daughter

Janney or La Chiquis once said she was only eight when her father sexually abused her, her sister Jacquie and an aunt her father was arrested in April, 2006 on charges of sexual abuse, he was convicted for 6 of the 9 charges against him sadly he was released on October, 2006.

Janney was dating Angel Del Villar from Del Records around the time her mother filed for divorce from her third husband former MLB player Esteban Loaiza and that nasty rumor about Janney getting romantically involved with Loaiza.

Janney chiquis marin rivera jenni rivera daughter-picschiquis marin jenni rivera esteban  Loaiza

Janney denied it and called the allegations ridiculous, false and hurtful  to her and her family, but things worsen when media published an article about La Chiquis becoming estranged from her mother and siblings, apparently it was Janney’s beau Del Villar who spilled the beans about the Marin Riveras issues.

Jenni began a Twitter feud with Del Villar for talking about her relationship with her daughter to the press

It is unknown to me if Janney Marin and her mother solved their issues by the time of her death, we send our deepest condolences to her and her family during this terrible time.

Follow Janney “Chiquis” Marin on Twitter here and find her on Facebook here.

chiquis marin Jenni Rivera daughter picchiquis marin Jenni Rivera daughter pictureJanney chiquis marin rivera jenni rivera daughter photoJanney chiquis marin rivera jenni rivera daughter photosJanney chiquis marin rivera jenni rivera daughter picJanney chiquis marin rivera jenni rivera daughter picsJanney chiquis marin rivera jenni rivera daughter pictureJanney chiquis marin rivera jenni rivera daughter picturesJanney chiquis marin rivera jenni rivera daughter-picJanney chiquis marin rivera jenni rivera daughter-picturesJanney chiquis marin rivera jenni rivera daughter-pictureJenni Rivera daughter Janney chiquis Marin Rivera

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  1. I think everyone should keep quiet with whatever when on in the rivera family god and the family knows what really happen between jenni and her husband and no one should comment on that specially if no one knows what really happen y ” el que este libre de culpas que aroje la primera piedra” nadie es perfecto ni Somos qienes para jusgar o comentar….. So calle boca…. Y que dios bendiga a jenni y a su familia

    • I think you been a great daughter n sister take care of ur sister n brother u been there second mother so make yr mother more proud by being there for her proud n joys love you n God bless<3

  2. i love jenni she the best . and janey or chiqus if you really did that then your a piece of *&^&&

  3. cuando rompes un cristal lo puedes hareglar . se puede perdona pero nunnca olviadas es como si te quemaran la piel.

  4. all i have to say is that i don’t think its true what people are saying about Chiquis and her step father i would think that would of been mist up and really dumb and nasty in that matter… i don’t why people like to talk and they don’t no the real story about the Rivera family. the only man that really knows is GOD!!!!
    Jenni Rivera -Diva de la banda
    R.I.P may god bless your family

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