Rodene Ronquillo – David Bowie’s Son Duncan Jones’ Wife

Rodene Ronquillo finally got married with Duncan Jones. Her father-in-law is the legendary musician David Bowie. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Rodene Ronquillo pic

Her husband and filmmaker declares:

I love my wife more than anyone.

Rodene is 32-year-old fiancée and married Duncan on November 7  which was also the day she received the diagnosis of her disease.

They both shaved their heads. Ronquillo already had surgery and will begin with chemotherapy.

Rodene and Duncan live in Los Angeles, and got engaged in June, they announced the news via Twitter.

They not only announced their joy of getting  married but also her cancer diagnosis. He tweeted:

So I just want to tell you a little story. It may take a few tweets, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive me… November was a hell of a month!

On November 4th, my beautiful fiancé @rodeneronquillo & I were, frisking about in bed, as you do. I am a boob man & found… A lump.

It was a Sunday, so we had to wait to get an appointment to have the lump biopsied but by Wednesday, we had an answer. Cancer. Stage 2.

We were a little overwhelmed by the news: cancer & Election Day, so decided to make it a set, ran down to the courthouse & got married! So cancer, election, marriage. All on one day! Two days later, Ro was in surgery.

Big day today. Put a ring on it. God help me!!

Ronquillo posted an English Jones draped in the U.S. flag and wrote:

Even if he is just after a green card, he’s all mine now. P.S. Yes, I said ‘yes’. On cloud 9 with my most favorite person in the whole world.

She also posted this:


Rodene is a photographer. Her husband is concerned about other women and their need to check themselves.

Duncan said that surgery went ‘really well’ and his wife was put on a ‘fast track’ to get chemotherapy.

He said:

Touch up your loved ones. You may save the life of the person you love.

Duncan appreciates Rodene’s efforts of helping him get through his fear of photographers after being subjected to a bombardment of camera lenses as a kid when his dad was on tour.

He says:

I’m much better now but it took me a while to get used to it. Fortunately my girlfriend Rodene Ronquillo is a photographer so she is slowly desensitizing me.

You can follow Ronquillo on her Twitter by clicking here.

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