Arnaud Mimran- Claudia Galanti’s Boyfriend

Arnaud Mimran is the Paraguayan’s hot model Claudia Galanti boyfriend, who’s the delight of the sunbathers in Miami Beach.

arnaud mimran pic

Frenchman Arnaud and Galanti have a son together. On a recent pic that was taken from her on a stunning 2 piece bikini, you could see her talking over the phone with someone who might have been Mimran.

Rumors say Arnaud’s GF is pregnant again but by the pics from her in the beach and we don’t believe that at all!

Arnaud and Claudia are parents of Tal. The boy was born on June 8th of this year. She is mother of 2 boys now: Liam, 20 months and Tal Harlow 6 months.

It is not common to see Mimran and Galanti together but she frequently  tweets pictures of them and tags ‘Amour.’

Aenaud is a businessman and feverish poker player. He is the head of the Mimran empire, one of the wealthiest in France with an aprox. fortune of €1.2 billion and interests in much of West Africa (Farine, Banque, Sucre…)

He can afford $1 million in bets when playing cards..that is nothing for him!

Arnaud is also an investor who’s family is one of the richest in France. Echos, of the Financial Times confirms his family is the 8th most rich French family who lives our of France. They live in Switzerland. He also makes most of his living in real estate.  He is young, only 38 years old. His tournaments earnings are  $33,846. His total points are 211.84 and 1 Money finish. He has never won a Major tournament, his All Time IAR Ranking is 10437 and All Time EPT Ranking is 720. Though his experience in poker is not long, it’s remarkable he finished in 13th place at the PokerStars EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo.

This is Arnaud’s Player Profile


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