The Voice Winner Cassadee Pope’s Boyfriend is Rian Dawson

Rian Dawson is Cassadee Pope´s Boyfriend, who will celebrate with his girlfriend her latest triumph as the Voice Season 3 winner. For those of you who don’t know Rian  he has been in one celebrity relationship for about 3 yrs. He is All Time Low hot single.

Rian Dawson pic

Robert Rian Dawson will be celebrating his 25th B-day this Dec. 16th with his GF Cassadee. He is the drummer for the band All time low.

All Time Low is a pop punk group from USA. They are from Towson, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore. The band was formed in 2003. they got inspired to put the band this name after the the song “Head on Collision” from New Found Glory.

This is a band created when in high school.  They soon became an underground success.

When they started playing, they played covers from Blink-182.

They were named “Band of the Year” by Grammy Awards magazine and featured on the cover of their January 2009 issue.


    His love life is no secret for his fans. You can see he explicitly posts tweets between him and his GF. See below.


rian at wc

You can follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

His FB account, click here.

Rian’s Bio

He was born on 12/16/1987. He is from Baltimore, MD. He prefers the following brands to play the drums: Zildjian, DW, Pro-Mark and Remo.

All Time Low has become one of the most popular bands and his fast beat (180 beats per minute) with a pop-punk flare outstand. They have been backed-up by producers Matt Squire, Butch Walker, Tricky, Bendeth David and Sam Sluggo.

The band felt that working with 5 different producers was a whole new experience. They had to travel to different states in order to get the album recorded.

They are on tour while they get in the studio to record. The guys do the hard work and seem to enjoy it!

When Rian plays the the tracks he gives his 100%. He warms up before playing his instrument. Before he even started playing with the group he belonged to the school march band. He learned the techniques he still use nowadays. He believes that the correct blood flow in his circulatory system is the key to play the instrument well.  He daily has a workout routine for this purpose:   jumping, arms flex and stretching.

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