Tanisha Sorenson- Travis Alexander’s Sister

On November 19, Jodi Arias is programmed to rest in audition for the assassination of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. She says she killed him in self-protection. Tanisha Sorenson, Travis sister, desires the woman who is accused of murdering her brother to compensate the final penalty.

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Tanisha adds:

I know this might sound creepy, but I hope to get to watch her die someday after she’s on death row. Even if it’s in 20 years from now, the death penalty is what she deserves, though she most likely won’t get it and instead will get some life sentence.

Jodi Arias has alleged that she killed Alexander, who was her ex-boyfriend, in self-preservation because he got aggressive with her.  Arias will go on audition in November for Alexander’s passing away.  She faces the death penalty if convicted.

In June, 2008, Alexander’s roommates found his mutilated cadaver in a bathe at his Mesa, Arizona, house. Alexander, a Mormon motivational orator, was found with his gorge cut from ear to ear. According to law, he’d also been gunshot in the expression and stabbed 29 times. Prosecutors say Arias killed Alexander once he resolute to reserve himself from their sexual liaison.

Sorenson says she wants Arias’ trial to start with no delay. She said:

I pray and hope this trial isn’t delayed again and it actually does start jury selection November 19, but I won’t be surprised if it is delayed, just because it’s been delayed so much. It will all be worth it when this evil person is convicted.

Authorities say Arias has given quite a few stories about Alexander’s decease. Originally Arias said she wasn’t with him when he was killed, but the police force say they found a camera at the sight presenting Arias and Alexander in evocative poses, along with pics of Alexander’s body.

Afterward, Arias said two intruders killed Alexander.  At the present, she’s saying she killed him in self-defense since he got aggressive with her.

Sorenson says:

I mean she really thought she wasn’t going to get caught and messed up too many times. She thinks she can be that cunning and charming that she’ll be able to have a jury believe her after all this, that she can play the self-defense card after all her previous stories didn’t work out for her.

In spite of the hatred and fury she feels in the direction of Arias, Sorenson is packed of affection for her brother.

She adds.

Travis was an amazing person and a great example for me. His death was so hard for me; we are the closest in age. After his death, I decided to become a better person and become active in our church and am thankful for the Gospel in which brings some peace to my heart and mind knowing that I will see my brother, my parents, and eternal family again someday. I look forward to the day I get to give him a great big hug.

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  1. I’d like to know if Tanisha is going to follow Travis example of Dom/sub relationship since she is so inspired by him.

    • How do we know the deceased was dom/sub?

    • Only people who believe liars would support Arias’ version of all her lies intertwined with some truth of her actions, not Travis’ actions. On the stand, Jodi answered a question on the medical examiner’s testimony that the throat slashing came last. Jodi arias stated “I disagree” so she has no memory loss at all. Her memory loss is plain and simple convenience for herself and her trashing of Travis includes everything except homosexuality! The sex, who cares, too many people engage in the same activities.

      Jodi didn’t want to “de-edify” [which is actually “dis edify”] Travis but she did a bang up job on the stand for not wanting to trash Travis.

      On her Inside Edition interview, she states “I witnessed two other people” attacking Travis, so is Jodi the first person to attack Travis and added the two “other people”? Jodi also stated she was held at gunpoint by the male intruder/ninjas as she was kneeling on the floor with a gun to her forehead, the exact story Travis told on an incident recorded on video he experienced where Travis said ” I was held at gunpoint, I was kneeling on the floor with a gun to my head”. How convenient for Jodi to use that same story as being what she said happened in the Inside Edition interview.

      So Bill, Jodi is lying on her testimony on the stand and off the stand. And do you always believe someone who lies over and over again and finally decide to believe one of the stories told. That would mean you are easily scammed.

      • Use some logic, please. Gunshot first, stabbing second, throat last. Makes perfect sense. What does NOT make ANY sense is stabbing first, throat slash second (which clearly would have killed him), and then for NO reason at all, take out a gun and at 5:30 in the evening, shoot a dead guy in the head knowing the sound of a gunshot could alert roommates, neighbors, or passersby on the street. That really goes against the whole “trying to get away with murder” theory, doesn’t it? Accidental gunshot, yes… it was an accident. Intentional gunshot AFTER he’s already dead (and supposedly premeditated?)… NOT A CHANCE.

    • My best friend lost her beloved sister to a serial killer. She was 12 when murdered, tortured and raped repeatedly. My friend asked for LWOP. While I feel for tanisha, I pray for her because her hate and blood lust is apparent. It’s HER responsibility to deal with her hate just as it was my friend’s responsibility. At first, my friend also wanted the DP but she after soul searching, and much prayer she discerned that her wanting the DP was state sanctioned murder that she wanted no part of.

    • LOL@Bill

  2. A brother to be proud of, praying justice will be done.

    Bill think the words you are looking for are killer/victim.

  3. First of all, “Bill” you have the sense of tree bark! Tanisha, I’ve read Travis’s blogs and really hate that the jury isn’t going to get to see how deep, spiritual, and motivational Travis was! I pray that Heavenly Father will bring you and your family peace and a comfort in knowing that justice will be done, if not here, certainly in His presence. Remember to hold to the iron rod and don’t let what comes of Jodi now turn you from your path in life!!!!! Yall will be in my thoughts and prayers!!!

    • Ashley, there is a reason that juries don’t hear how wonderful a victim was in life. Does a homeless man who is murdered deserve less justice than a businessman/motivational speaker? Does a selfish, nasty & mean person who is murdered deserve less than others?

      In a murder trial, the state must prove that the defendant killed the victim, and that the victim intended to kill the victim, and that the defendant acted with premeditation. The victim’s character (bad or good) is usually not admissible.

      • Ya right Laura and does Jodi Arias deserve to dodge the death penalty for the unthinkable crime she has committed.You said in your last paragraph that “the state must prove that the defendant killed the victim”DONE, you said that” the victim intended to kill the victim”(could you have meant that the defendant intended to kill the victim?)DONE”.The premeditation DONE. ” I have difficulty believing that someone who would tailor her story according to the evidence she knew about and has only started to assume responsibility( because she didn’t have a big enough shovel to dig her way out), could be rehabilitated and deserves to live. Mr. Alexander does not have that opportunity . How many surveys have you done to see who is or is not in favour of the death penalty up here?? What Ralph said in his paragraph is true, read it again and again until you get it as I think your brain retired when you did………………………………..

    • Amen Ashley, well said

  4. Bill as for Bill Arias?
    Please save your obnoxious remarks and your amazing “observations” to yourself – you’re the only one who’s buying Jodi’s lies about being dominated. a batred woman won’t slash the car tires of her ex because she’s jealous of him going out with someone else (and won’t threaten that woman with false e-mail and sms’s like she confessed to that other guy she dated with and testified), a batred woman won’t break into her “abuser” home where he’ll find her sleeping on his sofa and will not drive hundreds of miles just to have sex with someone who “abuses” her, and she will certainly not lie endless times to the police and everyone around her about the nature of their relationship “in order to keep his good reputation” – come on…a 5 years old can come up with more reasonable lies.
    We can all see through her lies and hopefully the jury sees that too – in any way, she will not have peace in her life, I can assure you that.

    And to Tanisha I just want to say I simply admire your late brother for his beautiful heart and soul, his courage to overcome so many obsticales in his life, the insiparation he gave and still does to so many people and I also admire him for all the achievments he accomplished in his short life (espeically after coming from such a harsh background). I’m glad to read you are happily married and with the best for you in your life, and also to your beautiful family – you all look very close and supportive of each other. I’m keeping a close watch on this trial although I’m not a US citizen – the love of justice and compassion crosses boarders. You are in my prayers and in my heart and I think of you often – when you cried in court, I cried with you.
    God bless you.

    • Did you know this guy? Get a job; get a life.

    • I agree 100 percent. I once was in an abusive relationship. I went into three different women’s shelters in five years. Once I finally was able to break free and move on, my ex stalked every move I made. Once he moved on in his life and found a new mate, I was happy, and never stalked him….The only time I spoke to her was to tell her that if she ever needed help to get away…to let me know. I would help her. Never ever was I jealous. I felt sorry for her. Point is….once you are free from an abuser you never stalk the abuser because you are happy you are free. The abuser is the one that stalks and can’t move on. Jodi is clearly the abuser, and stalker who uses sex to control. The expert witness has a double standard, and clearly feels as though women cannot abuse or stalk only men. They need an expert witness on women abusers. Men who are abused are embarrassed and do not contact the police for restraining orders, or obtain help…..just like us women in the same situation. I am so upset that this defence tatic was used. I hope Martinez wraps it all up with a tiny bow soon.

  5. Tanisha I pray for you and your family I hate everyday I see her in court with her devilish smirks.it sickens me to hear her talk about first meeting Travis AS IF she even deserved to even sit near him. I don’t know you or your family But I feel for you and your family and I hope someday soon you get some Peace if there is any after what Jodi took from you guys.I watch insession with my husband and every night I tell him how baddly I feel for you and your bro/sister you can see the pain/anger in your eyes and it breaks my heart,I’m not mormon but Iam a Christian and I send you all my love and prayers.

    • To the Family of Travis,
      Your are all in every prayer chain available. I’m so sorry for you each and everyday you are being tortured. And admire you being strong enough to be strong for Travis. He obviously was a wonderful Man!!!
      Juan Martinez will have the best closing ever! We will all be praying and looking forward to the jury hearing the whole truth right out of Juan’s mouth to their ears. In the meantime Powerful prayer’s to your whole family. I’ve never believed in the death penalty until now. Although it is to good for Jodi. That’s what I’m praying for. XOXO

      • Haha. Shadow of a doubt. It’s reasonable doubt. there is nothing reasonable about the accused, nor have I seen any doubt about the prosecution case. God willing neither the jurors. May God wrap his loving arms around Mr Alexander’s family.

  6. I’m so tired of occassionally catching Jodi smirking over all of this. She’s a pathological killer and liar.

    victim’s impact statements: are they going to be allowed and aired?

    all that premeditation evidence: murder one.

    Jodi is 100% textbook psychopath and she didn’t get what she wanted, the house and importance. She’d have married Travis, later dumping him for one of those other more rich men she played up to. She’s the most abject user of others I’ve ever encounted.

    Cold blooded murder.

    Life without parole or the death penalty is fine with me, though, she’d find joy in prison, her type always do. Is that enough punishment? Life without parole ? ? ?

    She likely hade Lisa on her hit list, which is why she slit the tires of Lisa’s car, and other hostilities directed at her. The prosecutor knew that, which is why he showed Lisa the picture he did, implying: this could have just as easily been you.

    Jodi killed in cold blood, planned this, and the evidence proves just that.

    • And you know all this, how?

      • In order to convict someone of premeditated murder, you have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they went to the scene with the intention of murder.

        I believe that if someone “premeditated” a murder, they would:

        a) use cash (duh)
        b) not ask someone to take them to another town to rent a car. no witnesses
        c) would have had an albi
        d) would not have left evidence in the house such as a camera with photos of themselves
        e) would have called the police and staged a scene that showed a violent attack that forced them to act in self defense
        f) would have injured themselves to contribute to the self defense claim
        g) not used a gun that can be traced back to anyone they are connected with/to

        Even in the video of her initial interrogation, she struggles with what she is going to say. Yes of course, she was lying and trying to think of what to say, no contest.
        However, you can clearly hear her saying “i can’t” when she was asked who did it.
        This could, COULD prove that she was struggling with two sides of herself. The side that exsisted prior to the killing and the person that did the killing. She also mentions that her family would be hurt if they knew. Wouldn’t your mom be hurt if you did something like that?

        I believe that one of her original stories of the 2 unknown people attacking Travis was a strange admission of her guilt. She had disassociated herself with the crime due to PTSD. Even still, if she was consciously lying to the investigator, why would she not have said it was the man that killed Travis? Why did she say it was the more aggressive female? Travis was a larger guy and it doesn’t make sense that a woman would get the jump on him.

        On the issue of him being a great guy, we NEVER know a person’s true inner self. We only get to see what they want us to perceive. As I did not know him, I cannot say what type of person he was and neither can any of you. There have been many preachers, priests, school teachers, camp counsellors that have been convicted of heinous acts. There are mothers, wives, sisters and friends that had NO IDEA that that was the same person they loved and admired.

        All of this being said, I won’t even go into my past experience being in a mutually abusive relationship. It is very easy to judge a situation you have no experience with. You don’t know how you will react to a situation until you are in it.

        No one can judge what she did except God and for all you good “christians and mormons” that are coming out and saying Jodi deserves death for her actions are no better than she. Life is a gift and should be respected and preserved. Besides, isn’t it better if she has the rest of her days to live with the horror of what she has done? ESPECIALLY, if it wasn’t intended initially?


        • It is NOT “beyond a shadow of a doubt”, it’s beyond a reasonable doubt, and lucky for most of the world, one is easier than the other. Once I read the first part of your dissertation I didn’t bother to read any more. I guess you’ll be a little less shocked when she gets convicted now that you know the standard of guilt that has to be met. Have a great day.

        • No on said she was a smart killer

  7. To the family of Travis Alexander: My deepest condolences on your very great loss and the continued abuse by his killer. Please take comfort that most of us paying attention don’t believe this lethal lowlife. Her lies about Travis are completely discredited to all rational folks despite comments from asshats like Bill. I pray for justice and peace for Travis and you.

  8. I feel very sad for The family and friends of Travis it is tragic but I am so very sad to see that justice no longer exsists in the USA. From OJ to Casey Anthony and now Travis. As a Canadian I look at the US justice system and it makes me sick….and everytime a case goes Viral the guilty always seem to go why, WHY???? is it because it gives the filthy maget media something to talk about, and it sells smut magazines….WAKE up USA and stop glorifying murderers and killers… Jodi loves this attention are you too blind to see it?
    Years ago I use to only watch CNN because they seemed to be truthful but not anymore.. so much drama and if they have a video clip to play and its 20 seconds long they will play it 150 times a day. When a mass murderer kills alot of people the media makes sure you know the murderers name. We know the son of Sam, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc etc but who knows the names of the victims? almost no one. Well thank the media it gives them ratings and makes them money. WOW!!!! One F ed up country…. how many times do you hear a crime take place by a physco who just wants to go out in a blaze of glory and wants attention, well guaranteed your local news networks will accommodate….have they no values, no morals….. Jody Aries does not deserve to live and if she gets the death penalty I would be happy to get a front row seat

    • One Canadian to another, well spoken Ralph. In regard to this particular case, many people do not realize that there are men who are abused as well, how can I say this with such conviction, I worked with abused women and children for twenty two years and received many calls on the crisis line from men who were being abused by their female partners. The abuse to these men took the same forms as it does for women who are being abused, however men are less likely to discuss the abuse as they are seen as the stronger sex . For those who say Jodi Arias was being abused by him and he got what he deserved, think about it and reconsider your thoughts. Mr. Alexander was of the Mormon faith, other women he dated testified in court that there was no abuse, no sex and according to the Mormon dating guidelines, he was following the guidlines when he was dating them and was respecting them as well as the relegion. Jodi Arias persued him while he was dating someone else, this was testified to in court, she admitted herself that she was experienced in different types of sex. Could it be that the Black Widow spun her web and manipulated Mr.Alexander ? You bet, so for those who are quick to condem Mr.Alexander, look at his accomplishments and contributions . NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE at the hands of someone who was unable to let go .The case is far from being over and I am sure that Mr. Martinez will keep on keeping on so the word GUILTY will ring through the courtroom. We are only hearing her side and the only two things I believe that have come out of her mouth so far are that her name is Jodi Ann Arias and that she murdered Mr. Travis Alexander. A front row seat would work for me as well.

      To Tanisha and the rest of the Alexander Family, Thank you for graciously sharing the Memorial video of your brother, after watching it and his PPL motivational video , I can see why he became successful and why you are so proud of him, I would be as well. Please take comfort in knowing that many of us in Canada are sitting with you and your family in court. We are hoping for the same verdict that you are.

      • To both of you Canadians: I have always envied your country as more civilized than ours, because there is no death penalty in Canada. Apparently not all Canadians agree with its absence. With that said, don’t judge our justice system by what you see on television. Most accused murderers are convicted at trial, as are most people accused of less serious crimes. I know this from experience. I am a retired criminal defense lawyer, who practiced in three different states and the federal courts. Conviction rates for prosecutors in most places hover around 95%. Few, very few, guilty people get away with their crimes. You only hear about the OJs and Casey Anthonys because their cases got media attention. In fact, the most serious problem with the American justice system is that people are convicted of crimes that they did NOT commit.

        • Laura, Just curious, this 95% of which you speak, is that 95% of all cases or just the most serious ones? I am also aware that there are many people who have sat in jail or are in jail for crimes that they did not commit, what do you attribute that to??


          • Lol everyone in ” jail/prison” will say they are innocent or some version of not their fault! Also everyone in jail/prison” end up finding god, where they haven’t before their crimes!

        • Again you are stupid……that’s just not true at all…maybe that’s why you had to bounce around from state to state at your “job”

      • His accomplishments and achievements? Godly, loving, awesome? You’re all delusional, and most of you are borderline illiterate.

    • Ralf,
      Let’s hope in spite of OJ & Casey Anthony they have learned from that. Putting cold blooded killer’s back on the street’s is just asking for more innocent murder’s. I have little faith in the justice system. The facts couldn’t be more clear. If she get’s off that jury is just as bad as the system. She’s had 4yrs to rehearse and read how and what REAL abused women do and say. I know they can pay experts to say anything too. I am an abuse surviver and nothing she does or say’s fits. She has no shame. Throws everyone under the bus. Her family and her smirk. While his family is in the worst pain ever. I don’t even understand how that can be allowed. What a disgrace!! I’m offended when I even hear women say she does seem to have been abused. Dam, she claimed Juan was abusive for asking her question’s she didn’t like. Argued with him every step of the way. Seriously! She is clearly a maniac. I can’t wait for closing! We can only pray there isn’t someone like her on the jury.

  9. Eleanor Anne Powers

    Dear Tanisha and the Alexander Family,
    This Jodi Arias person is disgusting and vile. She has one hell of a nerve sitting up there on the stand lying her ass off. When asked if Travis abused her any other time she says no, so therefore, how in the name of Jesus did he abuse her or threaten her life. She hurt him and killed him ten times over, what a witch, a really sick human being to think she could get away with this. Who the hell is she? A nobody that’s who, she wanted to ride on Travis’ coat tails, unfortunately he wasn’t having it. This f”ing bag needs to pay for what she did, she is no good. They say the trial will last to April but I hope not. The defense is dragging this out! It is pathetic and cruel to your family and to you Tanisha. Keep your head up girl, you are a beautiful, intelligent woman and justice will be served for your brother, don’t worry about that. She is going down. God Bless You and Yours.
    Eleanor Anne Powers

  10. She has run out of charm (if there ever was any), lies, and sympathy. Her true colors have been revealed, and I believe you will get your wish to watch her die. She didn’t just kill him, she did it in a terrible, and unspeakable way. GOOD BYE JODI ARIAS! God Bless your family Tanisha…

  11. Feel such sorrow for U to sit and listen that pitiful apethic creep sit and lie. Can’t wait to hear that she is dead and longer longer exists ! U have a great family ! MY condolences…

  12. Justice for Travis!! Hoping and praying justice comes quick. Jodi Arias is a master liar and a cold blooded killer and deserves he’ll. And Bill it doesn’t matter what he did in the privacy of his bedroom. Go to hell if you want to support a devil woman

  13. hi tanisha l watch the trial everyday and l want to let you know that l can see you all in the front seat.l am praying for a guilty verdict but as you can see and hear all of her lies might just go to ONE JURY and its a hung jury as you know.that one jury might just believe that BITCH and away you go.we are all praying that does not happen because JUAN MARTINEZ is a good prosecuter as you know.the tape alone sounds like she is the 12 year old girl thats why your brother speaks to her likr that.she is the greatest liar that l have yet to encounter but only time knows what will happen.you must have some faith that all goes well in the courtroom that her ass gets put into jail where she belongs before this happens to her next victim and that frankly scares me to death.your brother was a wonderfull person but he sure did not deserve this thats for sure.as bad as she is making things look bad for him we all need to pray at this time.cant wait for the cross examine from the state thats all we need to hear before we can start thinking what the jury has in mind.by the way where do those clowns of defense come from?there is nothing in this trial that is self defense and how dare them use that because they have nothing else but arias word on the stand and you know what l dont believe her period.l hope she is toast no death penalty because she wont get that but just life in the hell hole for the rest of her life thats all we ask.ifl was on that jury l would want them all to convict her because she is guilty as sin .god will get her dont worry.l have heard that arias has a lesbian girlfriend in jail did you know that?anyway tanisha l will pray for your family and hope you all get some peace after all this okay?hang tight and l will see you in the courtroom through my computer as always .good night.

  14. I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved brother. This goes to the rest of your family also. I know that JUSTICE will be served. Travis has definitely shown the world the Godly, Loving, Awsome and hard working man that he was. The deceitful lies that Arias tells, shows that she is no one to be trusted ever!! Not even in Prison!! God will be the judge of what happens next for her. We all Love you and your beautiful family and I loved listening and looking at the beautiful pictures and writing that shows how he was a Man of God. He definitely showed how AMAZING his life was and how much he achieved in his life.


    • Cindi,
      You said it ALL Girl! God will be the judge. Jodi is the devil! I believe in power of prayer’s! I din’t know there was a web site for the family. I kind of ran into this. You can clearly see they are a wonderful family. And Jodi’s Mom is allowed to smirk in court as Jodi is. That should be a crime in itself. I hope the Family feel’s our prayer’s. And I’m thrilled to have somewhere to express to them that so many blessings and prayers are sent their way daily. They have gone through so much. I hope it’s Jodi’s turn for HELL on earth. Travis obviously was truly a God fearing Man. Jodi manipulated him because of his kindness and he is the victom. Juan will bring it all home in closing. God bless YOU & God bless Travis’s Family! They are an amazing family to say the least. Alway’s in my prayer’s!

      GOD WILL BLESS US ALL! PS: At least we know Travis is in heaven. Jodi won’t be stalking him there. She will burn in hell!

  15. We send our condolences to you and the family i cant even imagine how you all feel right now listening to Travis name being dragged through the mud .my heart breaks for you.You have shown strength and class throughout the whole trial.I hope she(dont want to mention her name on here ) she doesnt deserve to have her name next to Travis.I hope Justice is done and she gets death she is evil and dangerous.
    even though i didnt know him personally i feel like i do now.He was a wonderful man who has touched millions of people hearts.what she did was May travis rest in peace and may you all heal with time remember you are not walking this alone millions are walking with you ..prayers to you all God Bless

  16. Mrs. Edna Lickamaid

    Poor Jodi Travis really did mess her up by treating her as her “master” and she as his sex slave. I think Jodi was deeply in love with him and he knew it and manipulated her using her like trash. The day she drove all those miles to see him I think she was hoping to persuade him to take her on the Cancun trip. She spent the day trying to please him but in the end he likely arrogantly dismissed her with some kind of “babe” comments and that he was going on the trip without her. Jodi at this point likely became very angry and spiteful. She probably saw the new camera he would be taking on his trip and decided to mess with it to irritate Travis. She teased him with spiteful behavior dropping the camera which really sent him through the roof. His angry reaction likely caused her to justify her own snap of rage in which she then made some horrible decisions and actions that brought conceited, sex slave user Travis to a terrible end as well as ruining her own life over that jerk. She was immature and he toyed with her for too long just so he could get his rocks off. She was hoping for more but realized that in the end it wasn’t her the puppet master but Travis puppeting her. This is what turned her into a killer. The joke was on her and she was seething with rage. All that naughty sex was for not. She humiliated herself sexually for a certifiable ignorant, arrogant, pretentious snot hiding behind religion to give him the veneer of moral upstanding character. Even he was likely laughing at his own mastery to even fool his Mormon cult. Travis was likely very many people depending on who he was in front of at any given moment. Jodi thought she had him..but..she found out he had no use for her beyond a squirt here and there. Sad story.

    • Ms. Pinky Tuscadero

      Mrs. Edna … I agree with you completely!

      He played her like a fiddle. But unfortunately for him, one of the fiddle’s strings snapped.

      Not that Travis playing Jodi is a justifiable reason for her to commit murder but you play with fire and you’ll get burnt. He should have at least spared her the torment of relentlessly wooing him in hopes to reconnect while he had no intention of a real relationship with her. He used her. It ended up being his demise.

      Jodi wanted to go on that Cancun trip … No Doubt. She made herself available to him for something like 2 weeks on her little ‘road trip’ – destination unknown (who does that?). That should have been a huge blinking sign to Travis that the road trip ‘visit’ from Jodi wasn’t ‘destination unknown’ – it was destination Travis Alexander all along. Which he probably knew and he just rolled with it to feed his perversions.

      On a side note …. Edna, if I may, I think those last photos of Travis in the shower – the one where he has his head tilted up to the water stream and his arms crossed over his chest and the one where he’s looking directly into the camera …….. I think she had the gun or knife on him at that time. The photo of him looking directly into the camera speaks to me – it says, “This crazy bit*h is gonna kill me … Help!’ Something about that last photo gives me the creeps.

      And that sister wears way too much make up. lol

      • Yea he played her like a fiddle as She was Asking for an ass pounding and telling him She wanted to lick and Sit on his penis, a real battered young woman. Get ur facts straight. As A woman u Should be ashamed of yourself.

        • I wish they would let her loose in a room with his two sisters for a few hours…. I see how she snickers at them in the courtroom and it makes me want to jump through the room and beat the dog *&^% outta her….. I am someone who has had to sit in a courtroom and listen to the man who murdered their sister, do it legally again in a court of law to their reputation, I have so much compassion for them…. My heart breaks for them and I pray for them on a daily basis….. I hope they keep their brother’s memory alive for the whole world to remember, because he was truly an angel here on earth!!!

    • Mrs. Edna,

      I take it that you’re a “Halle Berry?” You’re ignorant for making a statement about his sister’s makeup? Why don’t you provide her with some tips, “Cover Girl?” With a name like Edna, you’re about—what 100? Chick, give your “theory” a rest. We, as people, have choices, decisions and consequences. This lunatic bitch had a choice whether or not to leave him alone. Was the d*ck that good where she couldn’t stay away from it? I’m not saying that he was an angel on THIS side of heaven (but he is now), but tell me who DESERVES to die like that? Not even a damn DOG!! Are you saying that she was justified for killing him? She could’ve shot him in his big toe to buy time to get out of his house if he was “attacking” her. Chick, get a grip! You’re a disrespectful sleuth for spewing out this BS! Imagine if YOUR son was BUTCHERED like this! Would you think he deserved to be killed–nonetheless, the way Travis was killed?? Also, make up your mind. Is Mormonism a “cult” or “religion” as you have documented? Where are your facts? I’m a Christian and if he believed in Jesus Christ and confessed Him as his personal Lord and Savior, who are you to question that? Travis will answer to God for what He did…but guess what, so will WE!! She knew how the game was played…Travis wasn’t her first rodeo! She’s been passed around like a church collection plate and you think that he should’ve had respect for her as a WOMAN?? Hell, she didn’t have SELF-RESPECT! I had a better chance of marrying Travis then she did!! I’m a 42 year old woman and I’m “up on game.” I have a man, but if I found out he was cheating, guess what, I’m a woman–easy come, easy go! WALK AWAY FROM THE DICK!! I’d be hurt but it’s up to me to KNOW what I deserve as a woman and WALK AWAY! She was IN LOVE with him and if SHE could NOT have him, then NOBODY would. GAME. SET. MATCH! Please, chick!!

  17. Mrs. Edna Lickamaid

    The one sister wears too much makeup. She looks like a villan from an Agatha Christie novel with her puckered in cheeks and sneering puss.

    • Sounds like you too, are or have been a scorned woman. This girl was messed up for years, could not handle the fact he wanted her no more. She took whatever from him becuz she
      enjoyed any attention good or bad from all the guys she was with. Lets not mention Travis’ money. Whatever, another messed up person who should have gotten help years ago. Some people just don”t get it, like you and Jodi and never will. See a Dr. please

      • To Justice For Jodi:

        Who are you to pass judgment on the Prosecutor and anybody else? Apparently, you’re NOT up on your Bible. God recognizes the fact that we, as humans, are put into positions of leadership and have our own justice system on Earth. God turned Earth over to man. Granted, our laws are not perfect, but it is what it is. God has His own justice system that we will ALL face someday. Having stated this, we all also have free will. NOTHING prevented Jodi from moving on. She got hooked on the d*ck and wasn’t woman enough to leave him alone. She had the presence of mind to move her stupid ass back to Yreka–AWAY from Travis KNOWING he was dating other women, right? Why NOT stay away from him? Why come back– or worse yet, why would she move back to Arizona AFTER Travis had kicked her to the curb? Who does that? And then you want to bring your ignorant ass on this site to condemn Travis and celebrate Jodi! God is the ULTIMATE judge when it’s all said and done for ALL OF US! One thing about it, as long as Travis accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior, then he is alright. Personal accountability is the name of this game. We have all got to “pay the piper.” It’s Jodi’s turn. Jodi’s sister and her family are HUMAN. You tell me how in the hell would you feel if someone SLAUGHTERED YOUR BROTHER ? Can you definitively say that you WOULDN’T be angry? Child, please–are you for real? For you to say that if she gets convicted, you hope the prosecutor and the jury “go to hell” is also hypocritical on YOUR part. You don’t have a Heaven or hell to put anybody in! Also, to stereotype anybody’s religion without facts is absurd as well. She’s a self-proclaimed LIAR and everyone knows that. Holler at your girl when you believe the bullshit that Jodi has spewed out. God is the only one who will have mercy on her soul because Prodecutor Juan Martinez isn’t. JUSTICE FOR TRAVIS!!

        • Correction; The PROSECUTOR (spelled wrong in initial blog)

        • Correction:

          I meant to say that TRAVIS’S sisters are ALL human. They have EVERY right to feel the way that they feel. In time, we ALL must forgive because God won’t forgive us. The operative phrase being “in time.” Obviously, they aren’t ready to forgive as of now. The next time that “Justice For Jodi” or ” Jodi Is Innocent” folks decide to blog, understand that the FORENSICS + JODI’S LIES=DEATH PENALTY!! Do the math…it’s as crystal as can be! Juan Martinez has another woman on death row in Arizona. You better GOOGLE him!! The boy ain’t no joke. Jodi wasn’t laughing and smirking on Thursday, was she? From the first day of his SCORCHING cross, she kept “kicking” Martinez like a dog. Remember, if you continue “kicking” a dog day after day, it will eventually BITE BACK! She got “BIT” on Thursday!!

          • I hope they fry her!!!!! JUSTICE FOR JODI? Give me a break…… She is definately my new definition of SKANK!!!!!

    • mrs edna lickamaid you are a bitch and should stay off this blog.its not your funken buisness if one wears more makeup not for you to puy your 2 cents in mind your own bees wax and go get a life.

  18. If she wants the death penalty for Jodi than she’s no better than a common Murderer. We as human beings do not get to decide where, how or when another of our own dies. That is and never will be our own decision. I could care less if our laws say its ok..it’s not ok. So I hope she has horrible regret if Jodi gets the death penalty. She’s also sick if she wants to see her put to sleep. SOunds to me like she is following in her sick brothers footsteps. Just because he is mormon means nothing. I actually dated a mormon and he was also a closet pervert for little kids. I believe they are sick religious groups. And if she is so mormon..his sister..than shouldn’t she forgive? She is a hypocrit and you know that they looked down on Jodi from the very beginning!! Because thats how mormons are. THey are judgemental people and Jodi never stood a chance against his family. I believe he abused her and was fighting for her life that day. And I hope she doesn’t get convicted. If she does may the prosecutor and Jury go to hell. Because they too will become murderes if she gets the penalty.



    • issue that the news has displayed vivid is not anybodys business. arizona state & his family is the only 1 s that should see all this.
      I do agree that the death penalty is barberic it is not the laws that should be taught to our children. shrinks claim you hit a child you teach them violence this teaches them murder.
      this liar deserves life it is our taxes that pay to house her that is a shame still suppose that it might as well untill congress,presidents & all judges stop 3/4 million $ vacation homes. that is a joke when making cuts it the part that is the news.
      it is halarious how people see issues so opposite there are multiple times that I noticed jody lie that hln never mentioned. there all busy being idiots. the people that are shown as travis closest friends are usually sincere then there are some that obviously are not as the physic that repeats other guests comments she is emmbarrasing how about how nancy grace keeps doing the cut the poor persons throat she takes her hand accross as she says ear to ear……enough already that is not a tribute to this victim. she claims that she likes her carrer it lets her make changes a victim advocate……is not. she is crude with her obnoxious mouth.
      the person that is low enough to disrespect his sister with regards to her cosmetics. now seriousl;y how can anybody take you serious. after you commented that you put down lol are you a 12 year old also there is not a funny minute to all this.
      the siblings might not have been close to the other that is not our business. karma occurs when you are not a compassionate human. this trial it should not be televised the horrid after death serious photos are simply terrible travis probably would never wanted all this out there as it is.

  19. I am soooo sorry for you loss and the pain you must be going through!! I pray justice is done for your brother and family member!!! I have lost a son from murder as well and know the pain and horror of it!! God bless you and surround you with His love and peace!!! Travis is with Him!!


  20. My prayers are with you and your family; Travis is with you always.
    I only hope the jury can see the acting this woman is capable of doing; she is passive and meek when questioned by the defense yet she is aggressive and arrogant with the prosecutor. This is no battered woman, shrinking away from tough men – she is a cold and calculating killer who can manipulate the truth.

  21. To Travis Alexander’s family, I so sorry for you loss. Even though I did not know Travis personally, from what I’ve read about him written by friends and family and from a few of his on personally written blogs, he apears to hace been a bright, caring, higly-motivated and personable young man. It is truly sad that this young man’s life was cut short at the hands of an individual who appears to be pathetically and blatantly psychologically disturbed. This entire situation is truly sad and breaks my heart to see such young people have such tragic endings to their lives, especially Travis. I’ve been watching this trial for about 3 weeks now, and I think Jodi Arias is a piece of work…she is a pathological liar and probable a sociopath. She too seems to have had potential in life to do something good due to the intelligence she displays during many instancesnin this trial. She made a grave and serious decision in her life when she killed Travis and she should definitely be punished.

  22. Cadaver? Gorge? Expression? More bad writing:

    In June, 2008, Alexander’s roommates found his mutilated cadaver in a bathe at his Mesa, Arizona, house. Alexander, a Mormon motivational orator, was found with his gorge cut from ear to ear. According to law, he’d also been gunshot in the expression and stabbed 29 times. Prosecutors say Arias killed Alexander once he resolute to reserve himself from their sexual liaison.

  23. Tanisha, I have been watching the trial every day, praying for justice and that you, friends and family will heal one day. As a survivor of domestic abuse and a woman, watching this, I had no doubt from day one Jodi was the abuser. I also suffered the loss of my best friend through an unimaginable tragedy. I won’t stop watching until justice is served, and I do believe it will be. She’s never going to take out Travis’s true light…or his message of love he wanted to share with the world. Travis is always with you now, watching over you. This case being publicized so heavily it’s just a sign she can’t ever put out his light. Good will come of this, by touching so many people’s lives. Evil will not prevail. Love and light forever,

    A true friend

  24. I hope the bitch gets the needle or how ever they do it out there in AZ.
    Put the whore away also i think she has mental disorders I mean wow on the stand
    she is killing herself with that smirk also she is NO beauty at all YUK!!!!!!!!!!


  26. To Travis Alaxander Family me and my husband watch the trial everyday and can’t believe that she thinks that she is honestly innocent of this crime or blood fest…. don’t worry she will get her day one way or another. She is one nasty lying bitch. Don’t worry God will get her if the jury doesn’t.

  27. I, too, am watching the Arias v. AZ trial. I cannot believe that this evil person who thinks she is smarter than God, is self-centered, egotistical, phoney wanna-be and who invaded the Mormons pretending to be a good person, would actually return to Mesa and seek revenge because Travis did not want her or needed her anymore. She wanted him by force and she taught him all the dirty sexual tricks she knew as evidenced by all of her experiences with her countless live-ins. She blames her parents for trying to correct her disobedience as a child. She thinks she is the ultimate authority over other people. She talks about her books and her art and that she is a photographer. We all know she is a high school dropout. She read a book on real estate and considered herself being in real estate. She has always tried to equate herself to others who have worked hard at their education. She felt she owned Travis because of their kinky sex together but he was fed up with her. He wanted to return to a normal everyday life and she took it away. She deserves the death penalty as she didn’t quit harrassing Travis when she had the chance. That was totally dumb!!!!

  28. Watching this trail has made me sick to my stomache. I cant imagine what it is like for Travis’ family to have to sit in that court room, and listen to Jodi lie day after day, I hope Jodi is put to death and the family gets to watch that if they desire to. I have never felt so strongly about the death of a person beforelike I do with Jodi. My heart and prayers go out to Travis’ family and trust me when I say that we do not believe anything Jodi has said about Travis, May Travis RIP

  29. Wendy Staradumsky

    I like to say that my heart goes out to you and your family.I do know what you are feeling to loose a love one by a troubled person of love.My sister was shot in the head by her ex boy friend who shot her in front of her two children that were 4and6 years old in age.Than went in the bed room and shot himself in front of her children who was hiding in the next room to get away from him.And they had to watch him take his life in front of them.I am so angry that people like this either take the coward way out and shoot them self so they would not have to go to trail to pay for the crime they caused to the person they killed.Or the person use the sexual assault defense to try to get off on the murder they committed on that person they killed.I am a victim of sexual assault and would not keep going back to a person that is hurting me I even went to the courts to change my name so the one that sexually assaulted would not find me I move out of the state to get far away from the one that sexually assaulted me.I just do not believe any thing that comes out of Jodie Aries mouth and to use this defense to get off of what she done is so very upsetting to me to use a defense like this when you know she was never assaulted by Travis this way.I believe she was the stalker and the one who wanted to do these sexual acts on him.I am so very sorry your family have to go threw some thing like this and have your brother trashed by her this was.I will say a prayer for you and your family you get the justice you deserve and that god heal you in your hours of grief .For someone like Jodie says she was in the Mormon religion that I thought that no one is supposed to kill a person is this not a moral sin of her faith.

  30. Why would a “good Mormon” ALLOW HIS PHOTO to be take nude with KY jelly? Oh yea. Butt fuckin. It is okay under water Jodi I promise. Get a cock ring Jodi.
    That lil fatass had to go. If I shaved my pubes like the fag he was and pushed my 7″ up really hard it would look huge too. He had a teeny mushroom head and there is a zoom lens. It was average or under average. Never said it was large did she??????? Just said smooth. nice compliment. smooth. My crabapple head would blow her mind. He had run but God punished him for what he did to the church and to her.

    • He took it of himself! Unreal for what he pretended to stand for. Then, watch him on UTube with the wig on “licking” and flickering his tongue at a lady with red hair in the audience and asked to stand up. Her name was Sandie, and he screamed to his Mormon crowd, “Rhymes with candy, and candy is SWEET. I LOVE candy Sandy!” Great man. No more Red Robin Fries Travolla.

    • Joe,

      You are as ignorant as they come! How would you feel if someone did this to your son or another male loved one? Did he deserve to die like that–REALLY? And how, prey-tell, how do you think YOU deserve to die? I’m a woman and this cold-calculating bitch could’ve walked away. She was hooked on the d*ck and wasn’t woman enough to walk away from it. She knew what time it was. If she was that stupid not to be “up on game”, then that’s her fault. She had no problem with it when they were getting down. Woman up and walk out!! Bottom line: she should get the needle in her arm. I’m glad that idiots like you aren’t on the jury!

      • Ignorance seeks out ignorance, TT……. Maybe they can save a lil in her needle for her lil ignorant friend, Joe…..

    • You sure gave his p**** a lot of attention. And I wish you could get with Jodie, maybe she would give you some of what she gave to Travis. I know Grown men don’t go by Joey, a real man would go by Joe.

  31. Travvie got what was coming to him. (well, maybe a little “overkill”—pun intended.)

  32. trying to be fair

    I’m Canadian and have been following JA’s trial. I would like to see her get the full meal deal on this charge. I have lost friends in homicides so i think if u can kill u should be able to deal with the results of that action. we have no DP here in Canada. I’ll leave u all with some Canadian trivia Why do some Canadians have a saying?.” Bring back Mr.Ellis”?
    Can anyone answer this??

  33. My sincere condolences to the Alexander family for the pain u r still having to bear daily.
    It will be over soon. Only Jodi knows what really happened that day and all we can do is
    hope Travis and the evidence will leave the jury feeling the same way about Jodi as we all do. The death penalty is so final do we want her to get off that easy? Not me!! Life would be
    awful spent in jail especially for someone like JA. Good Luck JM.
    Do your thing and bring her down

  34. To the family of Travis A.

    This is such a cruel world and as you can see that evil exist. Your brother was many good things and loving I’m sure but you have to believe in Gods justice. This trial will be in Travis favor and he will continue to rest in peace. Smile everyday and think happy thoughts of him. This blog was created with good intentions yet such horrible people decide to come and ruin it. Jodi is trash and she is where she belongs…. JAIL!! She is an uneducated, poor, worthless animal. She has sat in jail and read a dictionary to learn new words but couldn’t add gas receipts. The prosecutor is doing an amazing job with the “flawed one”. She is crazy and I believe her when she says ” No jury will convict her” she is right. God on the other hand will!!!! I hope the needle is ready.:) record that J.A. This sickens me to have to watch this… She took someone’s life because of jealousy and rage. Do us all a favor and send this minion back home.

  35. Jodi is pure evil, I only hope the jury sees what most of us watching the trial see. Scary, because they are not getting all the pieces of what she did as we are. Poor Travis, even in the end she had no defensive wounds as she was killing him, he did nothing that would injure her to stop her. She continues to murder him today by destroying his reputation. I do not believe in the death penalty but in this case I kind of hope she gets it, even for her to feel for a second what pain and fright travis must have felt.

  36. What a liar!!!!!!!!!!! TA that is.
    1. He meets her for the 1s time at a banquet and tells her within 30 seconds “what r yer plans 5 yrs from now? he states I plan being retired!!” LOL!!!!!!!!!!! 2 yrs later he is BORROWING $ from her to fix his junker & pay his morgage!! what kind of retirement plan did he have in mind??? he would have had to make millions per year to do that with his lifestyle and was not close…….he was broke and short-man syndrome.
    all this talk about her being hot and him as well.?? joke. both homely. especially HIM when she smiled in pictures. ck it out. looks actually weird. it is either the teeth or lips or combo. just f-ugly. pudgy and pasty.
    the topper was today in court on streaming video stating on his phone sex tape he was doing it to himself and “pumped” as he put it (i believe he tried to say “squirted”) 15,,,,,,,,,,,,yep 15 times. UH<<<<<<<<<<<< i have watched over 1000 porn vidoes in my life and that would DOUBLE the worlds record. of COURSE TA WAS the best at EVERYTHING ACCORDING TO HIM! he admitted he wanted to get married but nobody would have him (except Jodi. peas in a pod……..) #15 squirts oh, and that was acc. to him AFTER HE already did it that same morning. worlds record. said again he should "retire" (his DREAM THAT was never going to happen) as a sperm bank owner!!!! he was searching so hard for positive comments about himself and he was soooooooooooooo insecure. never seen anyone like him. or her.

  37. I know Trav would say I am “sweet” cause he did that on UTube.
    I would have to call BS though on the 15 “pumps” as he said on his tape to Jodi. 15 is not even possible. I used to be a prostitute and became born again. Him saying 15 “squirts” (that is what I call them) reminds me of the “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” when the waitress asked the young girl how “much comes out when a guy you know what” & she said “Oh about a quart.”
    Reminds me of TA saying in a quip about himself sitting in a suit in his “home office” “I think I look quite presidential!!” He was a 10th grade dropout.

  38. To the Alexander Family-my sincerest, deepest sympathy for all of you. I have faithfully watched this trial, wanting to see justice for Travis. I have been more than disgusted by this very scary, creepy woman. I see no remorse for Travis, her tears flow on ‘command’ and they are tears for herself only. This is probably one of the coldest-hearted woman I’ve ever seen. Her defense team ought to be ashamed to defend such a vile person. The whole self defense case is beyond ridiculous. I am a survivor of REAL domestic abuse. I ran as fast as I could to get out of the relationship. I do not for one minute believe Travis was an abuser. I’ve read his blogs and watched his video and he seems like a person trying to live his best life. His personal struggles do not make a man less than and the public certainly doesn’t have a right to judge his character seeing only a small fraction of who he was. This evil woman did all she could to pull him into directions he wanted out of. He was no different than any other human being trying to better themselves. Putting him on trial and humiliating him is sickening. I believe she needs to be put to death. Kudos to your family for the grace and dignity you have shown in this trial. I will continue to pray for the all of your family and will pray that only positives are achieved in his name-his spirit will live on within each of you. God Bless all of you.

  39. My heart breaks for the Alexander family. I hope justice is served and there is a hell for people like Arias. She makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t imagine the frustration the family is going through. I don’t care how much of a $%^$ Travis was to her. Walk away!!! I’ve been through crazier things in my life with men. I had enough sense to eliminate people who did not have my best interest, however, I don’t believe this was the case with Travis. I feel she pushed the sex on him and he was the vulnerable one. She is not stupid. She knew the deal with Travis. She’s a sick case. I could ramble on, but bottom line, I hope she goes down. Seriously she is a pathetic excuse for a human being. She has no right to ask for mercy. ARGH!!!!!! I wish I could be more eloquent with my words but I am just so disgusted. My blessings to the family. Her day will come, regardless. God is watching. My prayers will continue for all of you.

  40. I’m a faithful trial watcher. My sincere condolences to the Alexander family. It is very important for the prosecution to go back and revisit the KY Jelly Arias Defense. Most couples who engage in vaginal intercorse use a lubricant. So they should ASK Jodie if they ever used KY Jelly for vaginal sex? KY does NOT = anal sex. Jodie has dragged this poor man’s sexual habits thru the mud. She paints a monster who used the KY for anal sex one too many times. Travis is NOT here to defend himself. Jodie is a self admitted liar. She stole the gun from her grand-father.. shot and slaughted Travis so no one else could have him. It was in a Rage like nothing we can describe. She premeditated his killing. I pray the jury agree.

  41. I was sure during cross that she admitted to killing Travis’ dog…does anyone know the facts on this?

  42. bbc could of handled her. all she won’ted was attention

    • Dear Tanisha and family,

      Even though I did not know your brother, travis, I am so saddened about this. I don’t see how the jury can find Jodi anything less than first degree murder. Does she honestly think the jury will believe that Travis who did these wonderful things and helped people was the type of person who would kill somebody , and for dropping a camera. If anybody believes her it doesn’t say much for their reasoning power!
      One more thing, do you kow why the television stations with HNL keep showing various photos of Jodi. Is this an audition for a modeling job? There are so many great pictures of Travis, like from his memorial service.

      Wth sincere sympathy/Carol

  43. how can this trial drone on and on about the sordid sex life and and narcissistic consumption of a female sociopath? it is such a disgrace in place of what should be a dignified exploration of the brutal, tortuous and untimely MURDER of a young man. please encourage the prosecutor to end the sleazy porn show and pursue JUSTICE. please encourage the defense attorney to invest in bifocals and learn how to use them – it is painful to watch a grown man carry on like a childish pervert

  44. Can someone tell me what happened to the parents of Travis Alexander? This has to be so difficult for the famly, and did I hear correctly that the Grandmother raised these
    I can only hope the jury finds this woman guilty, and no one holds out by being a bleeding heart. Is is just me, or does she bear a remarkable resemblence to Casey Anthony?
    Both are evil………….children of the devil. Wish this trial were over and she is found guilty !
    This most definately is not a battered woman, and she did not kill him in self defense.
    She meant to do what she did, and there is no way around that.
    My prayers are with the Alexander family, and I pray they all get help to deal with this.
    I am not Mormon, but I am a Christian and believe she should be found guilty and never walk free again.

  45. TA did not deserve all this stuff after the gunshot. I do believe he was quite a sick man and needed to be stopped.
    I also noticed how vain he was and one PERFECT example is how he used to smile showing his teeth. ie–lack thereof. Jodi prob taught him how to smile at least. He was sooooo “gummy”. They are showing older pics on HDL when he USED to actually show his smile and open those red lips and I have never seen so much gum. He needed crowns badly and spend it on a purple junker instead. Not good. Sick of hearing handsome. Not by a long stretch. Chubby and all gums.

  46. ps. wtf is it with the PPL people? 1st Trav being so “gummy” then the new guy on TV tonight with the ears? Never seen anything like that. His ex-roomie. I am talking something that should be in a medical journal. 90 degrees from the head. Eric ears to the super max.

  47. TA was so “gummy” everytime he opened his mouth to smile I am very surprised he didn’t get that mouth fixed. His friend with the “ear” issue amazed me. His roomie! 90 degree eric ears!!!

  48. While on the subject of Jodi arias, and the gun used to shoot Travis, did anyone on the prosecutor side check her grandparents home for ammunition for the 25 caliber gun that was stolen to see if the casing match what was found at the crime scene?

  49. Folks,
    I have never heard of such a horrific crime since Manson and what they did to Sharon Tate.
    No way she shot him 1st. She stabbed him in the shower and he still fought his way out & THEN she shot him. Then to slash ear to ear is sick. so sick. I do feel sorry as hell for him, except he made it a little hard after hearing the tapes about the “tree” and the “quips” he put under his pics. eg-having a photo taken in a suit in his HOME office and putting “I look very presidential in this.” (while pyramiding his hands. ) very vain, but still no way he deserved this. nobody does. she was rejected by ever man in her life. dated co-workers who were servers at dennys. she was lost and tried way way too hard to get married. most women, if you are honest, want to get married at her age. however, she should have asked for engagement, and if he said no she should have moved on. he did continue to use her for purely sex, but it is just as much her fault for doing that. i remember having a high sex drive at his age (i am much older) but i was honest with dates. i never would have talked about naming kids etc if i had no intention of marriage. hell, i was on match.com years ago and they would meet me out & be 30 lbs heavier than their photo and i would still buy em a drink, but say “we are not a match, so i am going home. i offered to walk them to their car.
    i hope this is a HUGE lesson to BOTH women and men alike. men—–do not carry on and lead them on.
    women—–walk away if you know it is not “progressing” as she put it 100 times. seems she loves that word about her relationships. she wanted money and a husband. i drive a mercedes, wear a rolex and am retired and secure. (at age 48) lucky and fortunate. i AM LITERALLY due to this case, frightened to date. i have severe joint issues ie arthritis etc due to football and lifting and some women eg Jodi — could do that to me easily. hell, i use a cane most of the time at age 48. he was fairly strong and look what happened to him. dear god. how horrible. i have even had nightmares about it. married for 15 years here and divorced for 8. dated hundreds. that is over……………..this case has changed my lifestyle. sleeping with strangers in my home. never again………never…………my watch, car, money on hand, wallet, etc……….LET ALONe my life!! who knows what lurks in the minds of women on match.com or bar pickups???? especially when i am not nearly as generous as travis was. hell, i buy em a drink and an appetizer at most!! they may flip and kill me in my sleep!
    LASTLY……i have owned 3 handguns in my life…….38’s and a .357…….NEVER HEARD of a .35. funny how hers was “robbed” and he happened to own one too??? no way…………………………i googled it and they were sold as the cheapest gun you could by in the 1980’s by some unheard of manuf…….not smith and wesson for sure. she stole that gun and probably while taking pics was talking her ass off like she does, and begged him not to go to cancun, and he said “yes, i am still going.” that was it. she lost it and went thru with it…………i still dont think she will get death………1 or 2 jurors will hold it back. she will get life w/out parole…………god, i just brought home some wine and cheese and lost my appetite for it………….the throat and the number of stabs is so sick……………he wasnt coming after her. come on……….he made it to the sink and i have no clue how……….he did……..then shot and slashed……..the topper was to make out with the other dude the same day……..unreal……………

    • And guess what – Charles Manson has gone up for parole every year or two since he became eligible after his death sentence was overturned by a liberal justice (I believe her name was Rose Bird) on the supreme court in CA.

  50. He sat in the shower, she shot him in the face, he freaked out, got up ran stumbled to the mirror. She did not expect him to survive after the gunshot, low caliber bad miss. he was struggling down the hall smears on the walls, she freaked out ran got a knife started stabbing and stabbing he was not dying she had to finish him, as he was not dying.slit his throat.

    • I think you are correct Frank. He probably would have blocked the knife attack with cut up hands etc at most. (unless she got him in that pose where he was just showing his back————) However, I think you are right due to the way the blood was on the sink. Looks like it came from the head. God I am sick thinking about it.

      • Joe, anyhting is possible with that girl. She will probably dig her own grave in court. Everyone seems to think that Juan Martinez is to agressive, he is not.. he is playing this just right, he is pissing her off ,he is trying to show the other side of this girl, and he already has. This girl would have killed again had she not been caught. She is really messed up, she only had visits from her Church members, she has not seeked any Phsycological council??? she hs been in jail for so long without that hello…. She cannot remember the events, she needs therapy…Wednesday is around the corner…..

  51. Jaun Martinez, never asked why she was sporting pigtales day of the murder. She was acting like the thirteen year old,she enjoyed the pedaphile fantasies. Travis was very sexual, she was not accepting the fact that she ws a boytoy, she was pissed and obsessed with him. Travis picked the wrong girl. Just a tip to all of the Christians out there, Prayer starts and finishes each day, and within that day obstacles and temptations arise, prayer will overcome each one if you beleive. Day by Day my friends much easier this way.

  52. REALLY “JOEY”, “CHIP” & whoever else is taking shots at a dead man…is trashing someone else after they’re gone the ONLY way for u to get one up on them ? SERIOUSLY ? WTF ? This guy wasn’t just killed -he was BUTCHERED to death by a spitefull bitch that couldn’t own him in this world. If u guys followed the case u would know that Jodi was almost always taking pictures of Travis that he didn’t feel comfortable with; especially during the last days of his life. Travis never claimed to be a “perfect” sole-I’m sure he was aware of “personal struggles” in his life as do all of us handle on a daily basis. He was doing some good and treated others well and tried to better himself with every passing day. He was HUMAN. I can see the fear in his eyes of that last “living” photo of him. He was caught off-guard at an extremely vulnerable moment by Jodi. When confronted with what she knew were the answers she did NOT want to hear, (& she KNEW what his answers would be–because he was HONEST in that way)…she decided that no one else could share within’ his life again. She knew he had moved on…she kept finding a way to infiltrate her way back. Yeah he was gullable, trying to find a serene way to let her move on as well, he had HEART. I didn’t know Travis, but feel a kinship for him. I didn’t follow his faith, but honor his sole…and that is why I shall stand up for him NOW and tell u that u have missed some facts or are just plain wrong to attack his CHARACTER. Rest in Peace Travis and know that u still have a voice carrying on for u; tho u cannot be physically present.

    • Randall my son,
      I suppose you think normal behavior is his own voice saying he wanted to BUY a park rangers uniform & tie her to a tree and do anal? Yep right. I am adventerous as the next guy and I know a lot of guys. Come on now little feller, that is waaaay out there. Both were waaay out there.

  53. Tanisha,
    I’m trying to get a question out to Juan Martinez and for that reason I hope you see this post. After reading some of these extremely insensitive comments you may not. I’m trying to get through to HLN as well.
    This is the question I have not heard asked at trial and needs to be asked if it is still possible.
    The reason Jodi says she killed Travis was over the camera.
    The camera was supposedly dropped while deciding which photos to delete while Travis is soaking wet in the shower. Makes no sense. No time to delete photos and the camera was more than likely not waterproof.
    Supposedly after Jodi accidentally drops the camera it bounces and lands on the tile floor, Travis threatens to kill her and Jodi gets body slammed, Jodi flees for her life, runs to get gun and fires at Travis.
    How did the camera end up back in Jodi’s possession. We know it was on her while the camera accidentally took a photo of her dragging Travis. She could not have been holding it while dragging him.
    I believe that camera was on a strap around her neck. She knew she would need her hands free while she had Travis pose and when she convinced him to sit crouched down on the floor of the shower, she made her move. I believe she had the knife ready and stuffed in the waistband of her pants covered over by the t-shirt. I believe she stabbed Travis in the chest while he was cornered on the floor of the shower. That was the last pic taken of Travis while he was alive. His expression shows he may have been told something that caught him off guard. What would be her lie as to how that camera ended up back in her possession. No way anyone would believe she accidentally shot him, then decided to pick up the camera again. Everything would have had to take place in a couple minutes. No way. Why would she even need the camera while fighting for her life.
    For anyone in these posts that believes Travis was shot first and believes the liar, and do not believe the experts, that is quite shocking.
    The order would make more sense that travis was stabbed in the chest in the shower, made his way to the sink where he was spitting up blood. Jodi began to stab Travis in the back while at the sink and Travis still tried to get away and fought for his life and made his way to the entrance of his bedroom where she slashed him. Blood evidence proves this is where he was slashed. She probably had no idea if she would even use the gun that she brought with her because she was also planning to use the knife. She didn’t need it at that point. No time for all of these alleged events to take place. I believe she shot him last as to confuse the scene and that would explain why the shell casing was back in the bathroom. I believe he was shot before she put him in the shower.
    Back to the camera. I believe after she figured out how to use Travis’s new camera and she deleted all the photos, she stood in front of the washer and pulled the bloody camera and t-shirt over her head and dropped them in the washer. I believe I saw a strap next to the washer in one of the crime scene photos as well.
    If you do see this post, I wish someone could let me know. I am still trying to get through to HLN.
    So sorrow for your loss.

    • I’m with you!!
      She had a PLAN ,carried it through (smart enough and vicious enough ) ,made it work( so she thought) , but not to the end, just because anyone that disturbed could never pull it off sufficiently.
      This is one person who should never be allowed to be on any street anywhere.One could never turn their back on a killer like that.

    • Travis is not here to correct all that Jodi says lies lies and more lies, who knows that the camera was never dropped jodi is a good liar story teller, did anyone ever think that she could make up everything? I think he was sitting posing for jodi to take that picture at her direction
      If he was knifed first Travis would have fought for his life although he did. The knifing I believe came after the shot to the head while sitting. Maybe the gun jammed after the first shot the reason she did not use the gun again. I don’t believe the gun dropped. With the help of her defence team and later the shrink they all added their piece to the fabrication. About the sex Travis knew she liked the dirty talk and innocently he played along with jodi this was between two adults nothing wrong, it did not say Travis was intending to harm jodi with all the dirty talk of sex and more sex. jodi was the sex devia hoping Travis would marry her , no way for him .In the end jodi was trying to get Travis to take her on the trip and she could not bear the result of him going with someone else and said this was now death to him no matter what . Nothing like a jodi scorned when she thought of all the people she had told of Travis being her boyfriend. Death to her no mercy jodi was looking for an executive level man to sink her claws into searcy would of made her match whio now tries to smear Travis what a shame I hope the ppl friends notice


  54. at the very least this revenge is for nothing. tanisha wants to “see” her die as she says. it will be a minimum of 25-30 yrs. from now. why sit in court every day knowing that “stress” is harmful to your health – eg even causes cancer as well as other serious issues. she will now wait in a BEST possible case for 25+ years under stress. Jodi is getting “3 hots and a cot” for a long long time. prison food even includes piping hot cheeseburgers. (way better than county jail food) she can wait and wait and wait. gritting her teeth. at her best possible scenario that jodi will get death. that is a painless needle, which it totally unlike what TA got. she is eating and has friends and entering singing contests as well as reading and doing artwork. no food for TA. no reading. he should have been the good Mormon he proclaimed to be and not done what he did.

  55. Dear Family of Sweet Travis, I feel in my heart, this jury is going to do the right thing for your brother. I watch her face, and I while, I am one that believes that I cannot judge, one to death. I think, in my hearts of hearts, your jury will come through for your family. While they forgot about Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, & Kaylee Anthony…and all the others fallen to such sick humans. You brother will be the brightest new star in our galaxy, our newest Angel to help guide the light of others sitting in the jury box, to place those away, who commit such heinous crimes against our loved ones. I do strongly believe that the circle of life goes around and around and that karma is a bitch…she will sure get her come-up-ins..in jail..and then some. Always from my heart and soul, a survivor also, Debi <3

  56. Ralph, you are close, CNN=$$$, that’s true.
    You may have been born here, but your comment;
    ” if she gets the death penalty I would be happy to get a front row seat.”
    …shows you don’t have our spirit.

  57. Travis
    No abuse from him.He got caught up in a web of “do or dare” and just about any man might fall for it.Who wants to let a woman “get the best of him.
    Too bad he couldn’t smell or taste the poisonous dose he was getting with every contact he made with her.

  58. Have any of you watched the HLN – 62 second reinactment of the killing to see if it could be done in that time frame? The guy from HLN literally started laughing really hard on “stab #5″ & continued thru stab #9. I have seen it about 5 times and he is out of breath and starts loudly counting the 29 stabs with his hand doing a hard stabbing motion but he starts laughing. I wonder why HLN didn’t edit that out. I just saw it today again.

  59. No way on earth she is getting the death penalty. Tanisha clearly states she wants to witness her death, but she won’t. No way. 1 juror. All it takes. It will be 40% of em who will not give her death.
    Trav should not have let her in the door. Gotta be smart. He was too “hungry.” He ALREADY told his friends he thought she was going to kill him, but he kept it on up. Over and over. She is nuts. He knew it, but could not control his sex drive. Pathetic.

  60. just wanted to say, ur such a great family. dont know u guys but i feel ur loss so so bad.. watch this everyday and just cry for u guys and travis… she jodi should be punched in the face a million times one by one just to c her pain til death. i cant fathom this just like u cant. i feel so bad for u. the pain dont go away. i cant believe this bitch. i hope u guys can torture her. travis is ok as do i believe in heaven. plz b ok. i mourn with u. someday, when were all in heaven, we will c thru this.. im so sorry… jodi will live in hell forever!!! stay strong for him. he sees u..its ok

  61. The Trial, is pretty much done, The Shrink killed her, her defense team sucks. Not that I hoped they would have done better. Back to the way it happened, She shot him in the face while he sat in the shower, he got up shocked and as the shrink says, fight or flight mode, ran to the mirror spat blood, turned around stumbled down the hall she came up behind him and wham the knife attack starts and finishes rather quickly. Their sex life was theirs, as is everyone elses. They were pretty tame compared to others out there. She may not get death, but she is already dead, what a sad place to be. Tanisha and Family don’t wish for death, let the system decide, don’t hurt your souls, for a person that is not well. Just be thankful that she was caught and that she is were she is today. Just imagine being in her shoes. You are all doing well, I watch the trial daily and hope that you can some day move on. As for some of the comments on this sight, pretty sad and hopeless, do not pay attention to fools. Frank signing off.. for now.

  62. I tought I would get a little spiritual on everyone, I just posted my thoughts and read a few others. Do not Judge, that is a sin. Sorry but I cannot help myself, There are Christians righting to the family that are really just as messed up as the defendant, I never speak her name, Bill I am reffering to you, did you read what you wrote, are you a Child of God?? Satan sends his helpers to D-Rail people heading towards God, it is clear that Travis was D-railed, life is full of difficult choices. Travis knows much more thn we do now, The only thing that Travis’s family should do is pry for peace in their hearts, and to ask God to eliminate her face from their memory and the act that she comitted, so they can all live a normal, life after this. Bill change your mind set cause you may not see Heaven my Friend. May God Bless you with his Grace, and may he give you all peace and understanding.

  63. Whatever, i dont believe in the death penalty. I would never like to see my brothers killer put to death and surely would not want to watch it if it happens. The best part is that I am totally a non-believer but I believe in forgiveness. I thought that Jesus if he ever existed would have felt the same way as me.
    Its puzzling to hear this lady say that she will enjoy watching Jodi Arias put to death. To me there is no doubt that her stories dont match and she is lying a lot but that does not qualify for the death sentence.
    Whatever happened to his dog? Did she kill him too?

  64. Love the pic of Travis in the waterfall with Jodi. The smile is so sweet! Like a male model. This is the best witness to date.

  65. She will get manslaughter for sure. Out in 11 years. Maybe 12. Done done.

  66. May God be with your family, I pray for all of you. It brings tears to my eyes when I see your family sitting in that court room. My heart bleeds for all of you. I pray God gives you the strength to continue your lives, try to enjoy time with your family with a little more ease of heartache. Youll forever be in my prayers! God bless, and my he ease your pain.

  67. Tanish, No way she is going down. She won. It is almost over.

  68. I have wondered if Jodi shot Travis first, but maybe when she stole the gun it only had one bullet. She then had to resort to stabbing because the single bullet did not kill him. She is truly a monster. I DO believe in the death penalty. Something this horrible is worthy of death. Also, I have worked in prisons and guess what, sometimes a liberal governor will let someone out after 10 yrs or so. “No longer a danger” etc. as declared by the governor or parole board. Also, murderers sometimes continue to murder – they murder other inmates. The death penalty IS a deterrent in that way. Since Charles Manson’s death sentence was overturned by a liberal judge, he gets to go to parole hearings! He doesn’t get out because he acts crazy on purpose – I think he likes prison, but someone else might get out this way. Wishing peace and justice soon for your family.

  69. The gun likely only had one bullet when she stole it. She shot him and then had to resort to the knife. Why has no one else thought of this on the prosecution or HLN teams? Death penalty! I have worked in prisons and guess what, lifers can and do get out because of liberals. Murderers can and do murder again in prison! Yes, the death penalty IS a deterrent to a convicted murderer. It will be harder for the inmate to murder again while on death row.

  70. Anyone that “craves, dreams and wishes” to see another human put to death has some very serious issues in my opinion. As stated @ the page top, “may sound creepy”, is a very serious understatement. This may sound strange, but for a woman to think that way is even more disturbing to me. (it should NOT be, and I admit that. However, I am just being honest. I generalize a lot, and seem to feel that men would feel this way more often than a female. A female stating that “wish” really creeps me out.)
    The current witness will ensure Jodi will not get the death penalty, and I truly believe that even without her, the JURY would not have given it to her. At most she will be in prison for life. Howver, if I were betting, I would lay 100 grand she is out in 20-25 years. She will only be around 50 yrs old and have plenty of time left in the free world. 20 yrs is plenty after hearing those sex phone calls. Talk about creepy. (little red riding hood??? come on now.)

  71. I just wish I weren’t so cool whip colored when alive and had not abused Jodi so much. I paid.

  72. My heart goes out to the family of Travis. Hang in there – you have a lot of support. May this all end soon and justice be done!

  73. NOW they have resorted to SNOW WHITE? how pathetic. dear Jodi will get off….this is over. she will do fine. martinez is nuts. totally

  74. Life in jail would be worse that any death sentence for Jodi, being locked up for life would be hell for her, so good luck Jodi your life is over done all washed up.

  75. God Bless the Alexander family. Remember He sees every written word, every action.

  76. I’ll bet Jodi had Travis at gunpoint soon after entering his house…..of course she took his cell phone. The so-called sex pictures could have been taken with Jodi toting the gun. Travis was right: Jodi is evil and the jury verdict must be 1st Degree Murder Premeditated with the DEATH penalty as punishment. Death row is much more isolation than general prison population and that won’t suit the gregarious nefarious arias.

  77. No way Jodi the sweetie gets death. No way. This was over long ago. Juan could not break Alyce down. He lost. Jodi will be out in 12 yrs.

  78. i am very tan, unlike travvie. his sis was sobbin away. she knows the death sentence is out. done. she will be out in 9.5 years per my expert friend attnys.

  79. so sad for your family today..what a ride they have been on..all of my love to you..#onelove

  80. so sad for your family today..what a ride they have been on..all of my love to you..#onelove I do hope you will see him in heaven…peace and love

  81. wow dave hall sure loves the camera. cannot keep himself off of it. then LOL, he put his hands in what “we pros” (eg myself) in public speaking caught himself in the “fig leaf” ie crossed hands over the obvious “area.” LOL !!!! after 2 seconds he dropped em super fast to his sides. hilarious. he is trying to make money from his dead friend. how sad. he has NO public speaking skills and is a human rock that I can tell has no college degree.

  82. Davey Hall needs to get Travvies body bug to count his steps daily and lay OFF the Burger King!!!

  83. Did Travvie really have a hogstrap that large? His brother must know. Do tell. It was super beefy. Can Tanishburger please share with us? Thanks so much. I appreciate it greatly.
    ps-was it that clay-like with no herpes scars or anything like I have? wow. I am jealous . It was a true glade can.

  84. Why did he let her in, and if she got in with a key or an open door, how about calling the cops? He was “addicted” and should have known better. I sure wouldn’t let her in my home! Did he even watch the famous movie “Fatal Attraction?”

  85. Timbo says 14 hours in jury delib. = DEFINITELY no death penalty. Done done. Manslaughter this smart hombre says.

  86. I have no problem believing that Travis Alexander (God rest his soul) was not what he pretended to be. I know lots of nice LDS folks but the truth is that pedophilia is rampant in Mormon communities. Like off-the-charts rampant. No idea why and this is painful for me to admit as someone with many LDS friends. Whether Travis Alexander fought his attraction to children or indulged himself online and in other ways, we know that people with that problem are really good at hiding it. And Travis was a ‘motivational speaker’ – supposedly a leader in his Mormon community, an example – yet we know from his own taped phone calls that he was not pure sexually, but obsessed with using Jodi for sex. Mistreating her was likely a way for him to assuage his guilt. Jodi is guilty of his murder of course but Travis was an abuser.

  87. Many prayers to your family. Sorry for your loss. Travis seemed to touch so many people’s lives and was a good person. No one believes the lies Jodi has told, rest assured. Prayer candle lit that she receives the needle. I know Travis is looking down from heaven and knows that justice has been done

  88. Hey Tanisha< How much are you making off your dear departed brother's death??? I hear it is 2 million now ….how's that medical laser company going for ya?

  89. This family has gone thru hell. Leave them in peace. Jodi an travus had consensual sex. Nothing dom or sub about it. Get your heads out if the gutter an gtop udging others by your stsndads. Have compassion. Keep yoir nasty thoughts to yourself.

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