Tiffany “Tiffney” Cambridge- Rapper’s The Game’s girlfriend

The rapper, ‘The Game’ is geared up to finally get married his girlfriend Tiffany Cambridge. or Tiffney Cambridge his longtime love and mother of his two adorable children, Keep reading to know all about the Game’s girl Tiffany plus check tons of photos and video after the jump.


32-year-old, The Game, and Tiffany Cambridge who have been dating for 7 years already, have a daughter too, Cali.

Last October, The Game proposed to Tiffany and there is even a video for posterity.

The Game says:

As a man, this is that day where you throw your player card away and you kinda gotta step up and be a family man, and she deserves it. It’s been a long run, and we’ve been together at least seven years. We’ve been off, we’ve been on, we’ve been arguing, we fought.

We had good times and bad times, and I think that at the end of the day, as a man, this is something that I owed to her and I owed to my family, so it was time.

This was a tricky one girls… They say that when more than 3 years pass after you date someone and have something serious with someone and he never propose, the chance of this really happening, decreases.

When there is a kid involved then the panorama changes. A mum has to think for two people now and the waiting can be longer. In this case in particular, the story had a happy ending but sometimes this is not the case.

We would love to read men thoughts, like Mel Gibson’s now classic: What Women Want. Imagine, knowing what male think of us. We would definitely rule the world and be successful in the dating scene! Haha! Too good to be true…

 Read More about Tiffney here

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