Trina Edwards- Louisiana Governor Edwin Edward’s Wife

Trina Edwards and the previous Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards will appear on a new cable TV program. It premieres Feb. 27 at 9 p.m. CST.

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Trina said she’s now filming for “The Governor’s Wife,” which will platform the 34-year-old Trina Grimes Scott of the 85-year-old former governor.

The series will go after Trina tries to fit into the previous governor’s chic world despite the fact she is trying to get along with step-daughters more or less two times her age and enclose her teenage sons.

Edwin’s daughters: Anna, 62-year-old, and Victoria, “a hardened 60-year-old ex-showgirl.”

Trina born on August 19, 197 8 has sons from a earlier marriage: Logan, 15 and Trevor, 13.

Episodes will consist of school projects and Trina making a run for leader of the neighborhood homeowner’s organization. She also discusses the most likely adding up of a toddler to the Edwards family and skeptics who believe she’s a gold ingots digger, according to the news broadcast made public.

Edwards novelist Leo Honeycutt thought the show has been shooting demo for more than a year. Honeycutt, who acknowledges his aversion for reality TV, said he was concerned the series could harm the previous governor’s heritage and his achievements in his workplace.

He adds:

I’m afraid for them. I’m afraid what it’s going to do them. Nobody wants to be a laughingstock, and Louisiana has had enough of that kind of treatment.

He married Trina in July 2011, soon after his release from federal jail for his part in a corruption and extortion plan to arrange riverboat casino licenses throughout his fourth period, which finished in 1996.

Trina began writing him mails despite the fact that he was in jail and visited him frequently. She is Edwards’ third spouse.

“The Governor’s Wife” is the most recent in a sequence of Louisiana-set reality shows that include A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” History’s “Swamp People” and CMT’s “Bayou Billionaires.”

You can follow Trina`s FB here. and her personal Facebook page here, plus she s also on Twitter and MySpace.

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