Dr. Skyne Uku-Wertimer is Ned Wertimer Wife.

Ned Wertimer died on January 2 in Burbank CA, at the age of 89. He was in the Sherman Village Health when that happened. His wife for 34 years Dr. Skyne Uku- Wertimer survives him.

ned wertimerdr. skyne uku

Ned Wertimer was born in Buffalo, New York on October 27, He was really famous for his job in “The Jeffersons”. He did several broadway shows and tv programs.

Ned Wertimer photo

In 1960s he met his wife Dr. Skyne Uku-Wertimer who is a professor in the Department of Black Studies at California State University, Long Beach.

Dr. Skyne Uku Wertimer is passionate and devoted to her academic endeavors resulting in a long list of published articles and books. She is the author of three editions of: AFRICA: Changes and Challenges, used in University courses and other institutions Nationally and Internationally.

Her publications represent both political and socio-economic perspectives helping to shed light on the importance of interrelations determining policy and understanding global issues.

Dr. Uku Wertimer is a member of the prestigious, Phi Beta Kappa (University Scholar), dedicated to international research.

Dr. Skyne Uku was married to Ned Wertimer for 34 years, She was by his side until his final breath.

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