Who is Reddit’s Aaron Swartz’s Girlfriend? Is is Quinn Norton?

I think that for Aaron Swartz’ girlfriend coming home and finding him dead must have terrible, far beyond my understanding, but who is this girl? What is the name of the woman  who was dating the great Aaron Swartz?  I bump into one girl who dated Aaron, her name is Quinn Norton and this is what we know about her.

Aaron Swartz

26-year-old Aaron Swartz the co-funder of Reddit who was just a 14-year-old boy when he co-wrote RSS 1.0 died by hanging on Friday, January 11th, 2013 at the age of 26. According to the New York Times it was his girlfriend who found his dead body at his home in New York was Taren

Aaron Swartz was suffering from depression, his mother Susan believes it was his trial that submerged him even more, Aaron had many reason for being happy, he had a wonderful, loving family and he also had a loving girlfriend who adored him, is this girl who tearfully remembers founding him dead the one who also recalled the great things Aaron Swartz brought to her and her daughter’s lives.

This girlfriend who we know is Quinn Norton is the girl that Aaron dated a few years ago, but I don’t think it was the girl he was dating at the moment of his death, but  I thought Quinn’s beautiful words deserved to be read..

“We used to have a fight about how much the internet would grieve if he died. I was right, but the last word you get in as the still living is a hollow thing, trailing off, as it does, into oblivion”.

“I love Aaron. I loved Aaron. There are no words to can contain love, to cloth it in words is to kill it, to mummify it and hope that somewhere in the heart of a reader, they have the strength and the magic to resurrect it. I can only say I love him. That I will always love him, and that I known for years I would.”

Quinn Norton who divorced her husband dated Aaron a few years ago, she and her daughter Ada enjoyed every single moment they had with Swartz, but at the end his demons hunt him down and he asked her to give him time, she did and hoped he would come beck to her someday, he never did, she knew he was already dating another girl, he loved another girl the same way he loved her and the same he loved everybody

We loved so many things together.

He loved my daughter so much it filled the room like a mist. He was transported playing with her, and she bored right into his heart. In his darkest moments, which I couldn’t reach him, Ada could still touch him, even if only for a moment. And when he was in the light, my god. I couldn’t keep up with either of them. I would hang back and watch them spring and play and laugh, and be so grateful for them both.

More than anything, together we loved the world, with the kind of love that grips and tears. We were fearsome creatures, chained to our caring, chained to other people.

We were destroyed by the investigation, and by enduring so much together in the five years of the difficult love affair of difficult people. In the end he told me he needed to get away from me. I let him go, and waited for the day he’d come back. I knew that one day we’d have a day to be together again, though probably not as lovers. Together, as something that doesn’t have a word. He went on to another relationship, and I know he touched her like he did me, because that’s how he touched people.

On the last day I saw him, he grabbed me in the rain while my car was blocking the road and held me and said “I love you.” I don’t know if I said it back. Not that time. I had always told him. Sometimes I told him when he didn’t have it in him to say. I’d say “I love you, and you love me, too” and he would just hold me.

A part of me died with him. A part will always be with him.

Quinn Norton was born in 1973 she is a the tech and science writer (occasionally for Wired Mag), photographer and blogger. Quinn’s articles have also been featured in The Guardian, Maximun PC< and O’Reilly’s Foo Camp. She ale teaches at NYU

Her Body Hacking technology conferences on the topic of body augmentation, are quite famous.

Judging for this article here Quinn met Aaron when she was still married to Danny O’Brien and he was a teenager

Follow Quinn Norton on Twitter here her blog is here

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  1. Aaron was very open about his sexuality and may have actually been gay, but did not accept the gay identity due to his feelings about gay men.

    Swartz wrote about his sexuality here: http://www.aaronsw.com/weblog/notgay – it’s an interesting read…

    If anything, he refused to label himself, for whatever reason.

  2. For what it’s worth, NNDB lists Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman as Aaron Swartz’s girlfriend.


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