Cydney Bernard is Jodie Foster’s Ex-Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Meet Cydney Bernard she was Jodie Foster’s ex-girlfriend with whom she raised her two sons Charlie and Kit, while the existence of Bernard in Jodie’s life was no mystery, it called our attention after Jodie openly said she is a lesbian, single though. (Photos below)

Cydney Bernard Jodie Foster girlfriend photo

50-year-old Jodie Foster received the Cecil B. de Mille for Lifetime achievement at the 70th Golden Globe Awards it was during her acceptance speech that she confirmed what we all knew for a while, she is lesbian, she added that she is single, and that is because she is no longer dating her longtime girlfriend Cydney Bernard.

59-year-old Cydney Ellen Bernard was born on March 30th, 1953, she met Jodie in 1992 when both work in the film Sommersby Cydney was an production coordinator, they began to date ever since.

Jodie gave birth her son Charlie in 1998 and to Kit in 2001, they raised them together and have never revealed the name of the boys’ father. Foster thanked Cyndey during her speech when she won  the  2007 Sherry Lancing Leadership Award at the Women in Entertainment breakfast at the Women in Entertainment breakfast..

“thanks to my beautiful Cydney, who sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss”.

The couple split up in 2007 after 14 year together, Jodie dated Cindy Mort and Cyndey was liked to Amanda Demme.

They might not be  together now, but they still love each other very much, Jodie Foster took the time to thank Cydney Bernard at the 2013 Golden Globes, here is what she said..

“There is no way I could stand here without acknowledging one of the deepest loves of my life, my heroic co-parent, my ex-partner in love but righteous soul sister in life, my confessor, ski buddy, consigliere, most beloved, BFF of 20 years Cydney Bernard, thank you Cyd. I am so proud of our modern family, our amazing sons Charlie and Kit who are my reason to breathe, and to evolve, my blood and soul. And boys, in case you didn’t know it, this song, all of this. This song is for you.

Cydney Bernard was a production coordinator at the 1990 TV movie A Mom For Christmas, L.A Story in 1991 and Sommersby in 1993. Bernard was an assistant production manager at the Family Prayers an production supervisor in the Client and Roswell in 1994, In 1996 in Loch Ness and Ruby Jean and Joe, Bean in 1997.

In 2005 she was a production manager in the t.v series The L World and help on one episode on Off The Map.

As a producer she  was in the 2000 tv movie Ratz, A Girl Thing in 2001 and Spinning Boris in 2003.

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  1. Two boys being brought up without a father, in a perverted househould. Thoroughly disgusting!

    • What are you talking about? Please… if we stop earth for a second, will you get off?

    • I guarantee you it’s better than whatever brought you up. You sound like the wasted life in this story.

    • DJB – Dangerously Jaundiced Bigot??

    • Friend, Jesus said that divorce was wrong and I do not see anyone complaining about that, your opinion is yours and valid, but yours is just …

    • Jesus said that we must love one another and to stop judging , so you are also committing a sin against God by saying horrible things against a person who has no influence in your life and you have passed judgement on a person and therefore made yourself God , and you say she is a sinner, he who has no sin please throw the first stone!

    • Your evil and promote hate pure works of the Devil and not God

  2. Amazing how one can be so close minded..just because someones decisions are different from yours doesnt make them disgusting simply just open minded..

    • Open-minded? Is that what we’re calling sin these days? Read your Bible, being gay IS a sin, and not by MY word or opinion, but by God’s. It is what it is. “Open-minded” and “closed-minded” are relative terms, not the vague end-all-be-all judgement for someone’s opinion or way of life. In relation to the comments above, I believe DJB states (admittedly in dramatic form and reply) that it’s wrong for a gay couple to raise a child. Get used to that belief, and don’t discredit it because it doesn’t matter how much leniency the courts are giving gay couples, most people will still hold true to traditional family values. Values which no gay rally or outcry will extinguish. God fearing people like myself see the truth of today’s glamorizing of sin and the effect it instills in our youth that will continue to corrupt future generations. Will a gay couple be quick to tell a son or daughter to find the right member of the opposite sex, or say it’s OK to pick any sexual orientation? Or even as early as grammer school, subject the child to teasing and alienation because having gay parents is unnatural? Is a gay couple going to teach their child to love and fear God, but exclude what He decrees about being gay? It continues to get much deeper than this and more confusing for children, while the “family” becomes more dysfunctional. So, it’s not as simple as being open or close minded. Furthermore, If being “closed-minded” as you say, is placing and keeping me square with God, then I’m sure I’m not the only one who’ll gladly lock the door, throw away the key, and leave the “open-minded” to their own ruination.

      • I love reading this crap from time to time. Just thinking how on earth can people think such horrible thoughts about a gay individual. As if they chose that path! Then, I just laugh and have a HORRIBLE thought myself….those people are dying off, slowly but surely. We need to just be patient. It’s like when everyone thought the world was flat. How wrong, how ignorant they were…but they just didnt know any better :/ Preach about the bible if you must but practice what you preach. We arent supposed to have sex prior to marriage, no markings on God’s temple (tatoos everywhere), and oh I do believe women are to stay inside when they are bleeding uncrontrollably from their va-jay-jay!! Ya, all of those things are out the door…take the bible in the context of time and worry about YOU, YOURSELF, and the happiness of others! Gays arent hurting the world….they are controlling the overpopulation problems we have lol

        • I agree with you that people should read scripture in context. And the context in scripture about sexuality is clear from Gods first human creation to what Christ describe what it should be. It’s in Matthews 19 and guess what it’s between a Man and a Woman. Saint Paul repeats this. In Romans 1. Un repentant sinners will not enter the kingdom of God. If you care for those homosexuals you would warn them what is in store for them after death if they don’t have a change of mind regarding their sexual deviancy. On the tattoo issue you need to take your own advice context context context. It’s in Leviticus 19:28 the problem is not tattoos, it’s what it is being used for. Pagans use to cut themselves and tattoo themselves as a form of worship for the dead. On having sex before marriage I agree with you. Those in repentant people who have sex outside of marriage will not enter Gods kingdom like the in repentant homosexual, pedophile, those who practice incest with their dad, mom, sister, brother, cousin. All those are sexual perversions. All sins are forgivable except for blaspheming against the Holy Spirit.

        • @needagay yup once some people thought the world was flat not long ago. Yes I said some, because those who believed the Scriptures the bible understood the world to be ” chug” Hebrew word for 2d circle or 3d circle sphere. Scripture also mentions earth being held by nothing in space. This book was written way before modern technology. …He stretches out the north over the void and hangs the earth on nothing. (Job 26:7 ESV)

      • In my Bible Gods the judge. THE ONLY JUDGE!!!

      • @EXV Didn’t anybody ever tell you the book of fables (more commonly known as the bible) is a work of fiction? All gods and religions were created by a few men to control people, especially women and to separate you from your money. Religions also want to control peoples’ sex lives. We have science to prove why things happen so we don’t need imaginary beings anymore.

        • Where do you get your biblical information from. From your statement you are no scholar.

        • What science you speak of? The joke of macro evolution? Or how about the stupid belief that nothing created something. That all matter was created by nothing. Yeah modern science answers people’s questions. Nope it does not.

      • if you read your library, you will see that the divorce decree Moses because of the hardness of the hearts of men and Jesus said that divorce was wrong. In the library there are 613 commandments, do you all meet? Jesus said jusguen not others lest they be judged, blessed are the merciful, for they shall see God, cast the first stone who is without sin, Jesus is my savior, not you, my relationship with God and I understand nothing more curious is how Christians impose their beliefs as if they were the only ones, if you follow the traditional values​​, remember that along with love is respect, if you do not agree with gay families, not related to them, let God be God and you love your neighbor as yourself.

      • being gay is not a sin , acting on that is ,homosexuality. Read your bible properly.

  3. If Oprah wants her OWN network to success, then She and her lesbian lover..Gayle should come out on her own talk show. It’ll guarantee the top rating TV talk show of all time, LOL.

  4. Thou shalt not judge. God said as much, so this isn’t our problem. According to the word of God however, homosexuality is a sin. And as for those that say: we don’t choose to be this way, I know for a fact that we all make choices. We have God given freewill, and we do what we want. On what we do, we will be judged. Other people are not our problem, have a great day and stop hating on ’em – because by God’s law, we are to love people. It is the perfect God’s job to judge. Not little sinners like us. Take care of your own backyards yall. Peace and love through Jesus Christ.

    • @ YO Sorry but it is not a choice for people who are homosexual. If it was then that would mean that could sleep with the same sex just as easily as sleeping with the opposite sex. But I would think that it would disgust you to even think about it.

      The so called word of god is the word of a few human beings. There are no gods. If you believe in a god then why don’t you also believe in Zeus, Apollo, Thor and Athena just to name a few of the hundreds of gods that have been invented by men over the years.

      Religions and gods have caused most of the problems in the world. My god is better than your god. My god is the one and only god. We have to kill you because you don’t believe in our god. Women have to wear tents with slits to see out of because we want to control them. All religions brainwash people from Day One. These people need to stop being sheeple and start thinking for themselves.

    • would be interesting to know if anyone from here is Jewish, because unless it does, nothing that is in the Old Testament up to us, and while Paul said anything against homosexuality, Jesus did not say the least, jesus is my savior, no one else, and that’s what my wife and I teach our children, they know that there is God who created everything around us, that Jesus never said anything against homosexuality and that is biblical, and that their mothers much love each other, and love them with all my heart, we will always be to take care, to listen and support them.

  5. GGOD IS THE ONLY JUDGE AND JURY. period…it gets no simplier than that…HE knows us before we are born.. I am not gay but do believe in equal rights…and equal rights means for every person on the earth whether you gay,lesbian or not…Don’t people know by NOW that they are born that way..they have done so many autopsy’s and looked at the brain of a hetersexual man and a homosexual man and they are different in the brain and with the women it is behind the ear…so don’t judge until you have the facts…thank you….

  6. Heterosexual married Catholic woman weighing in here. Always a big fan of Jodie from as way back as it goes. Good for her. She is the only woman I would consider switching teams for.

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