Jeremy Renner’s wife’s Sonni Pacheco!!!

Jeremy Renner shared some big news with Eva Longoria while taking a cigarette break at the Golden Globe Awards last Sunday Jan., 13. The 42-year-old star of “The Bourne Legacy,” “The Hurt Locker” and “The Avengers” was overheard telling actress that he’s going to be a father! But who is the mother? Do you know who is Jeremy Renner’s pregnant ex-girlfriend? if that sexy Brunette we saw him last August? Yes, She is her name is Sonni Pacheco, she is a young Canadian Model and actress and we know all about her!! plus we have tons of Pacheco’s sexiest photos!!

“I’m going to fly in when her water breaks,” two eyewitnesses told UsMagazine. “Then Eva said, ‘I’m so blown away.’”

Reportedly, a former girlfriend of the Hollywood actor is to give birth to his first child next month. The expectant mom’s name and the baby’s gender were not reported, but who is this lucky woman?

A source tells US that they used to date, but it was not serious, adding that she is currently living in Jeremy’s house in L.A. The source adds:

“Jeremy has being ultra-secretive about it…but she has been going on about her life and not hiding it.”

Renner was spotted out on a lunch date with a very curvy, leggy and attractive brunette last August 2012. The Bourne Legacy star took this mystery woman out to an eatery in West Hollywood. He impressed her by taking her for a spin in his black Maserati. She was wearing a pair of tiny mini shorts and a tank top while Jeremy went cool and casual in a tight-fitting T-shirt teamed with some jeans and a baseball cap.


Could this lady be Renner’s baby mommy? If this is the case, in this pictures she would have been two months pregnant! We are not certain if she is the “pregnant ex-girlfriend” everyone’s talking about, but the timing is just right since she is giving birth next month and Renner wasn’t seeing anyone else in that time.

The star split from actress Jess Macallan in 2010 after a four-year romance. She was not in the industry when they got together and Jeremy has since explained that her change of career was one of the things which drove a wedge between them.

Jeremy has often been subjected to gay rumors in the past, which he always denies. He told The Hollywood Reporter:

“I am not gay. And I don’t care if you’re talking about things that are true, you’re still talking about my personal life”.

Renner is currently promoting his upcoming film with British actress Gemma Arterton, “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters”, which opens in cinemas on January 25.


It has been revealed that Jeremy Renner’s ex-girlfriend and now baby mama, this girl right here is Sonni Pacheco.

22-year-old Sonni Pacheco was born in British Columbia, Vancouver in a small city called Pitt Meadows, Sonni who is a model part time actress said she grew up in a farm, surrounded by animals, her first pet was a frog.

She began modeling in Canada years ago, but she wanted to try new things so she moved to Mexico and sold timeshares at a hotel resort, and went back to modeling in China. Sonni is a familiar fame for the Energy drink Monster.

Standing at 5’8” and with 115 lbs. with amazing green eyes and lustrous brown hair Sonni Pacheco measurements are 35 on her hips, 24 in her waist and bust size is 34C.

As an actress you have seen Renner’s gal Sonni Pacheco in the 2009 video “American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love” she was one of the Splendid girls at the Wet t-shirt contest, last year she was featured in Jim Garrison’s comedy film “The Wingman” with Peter Benson and Geoff Gustafson.

Sonni gave birth to her and Jeremy’s daughter Ava Berlin Renner on Ava Berlin Renner


Sonni Pacheco Facebook here and Twitter here have been deleted

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