Jessica Ussery Aldean is AI Jason Aldean’s Wife (PHOTOS)

Such a disgrace first Robert Pattinson, had to endure the fact that his girlfriend cheated on him and humiliated with a public apology for cheating, now it is poor Jessica Aldean whose husband Country music singer JasonĀ  Aldean was caught having a steamy affair with former AI contestant Brittany Kerr.

Jessica Ussery Jason Aldean wife-pic

I find really stupid and senseless that people who cheating of their spouses think that a public apology will make things better, in my opinion is the total opposite the humiliation is worse and puts all eyes on them, would they forgive? would they file for divorce? would they slit up?

31-year-old Jessica Usseri born on October 10, 1980 got married to her beloved yet cheating husband on August 4, 2001, two years later on February 14, 2003 they eldest daughter Keeley was born and little Kendyl was born on August 20, 2007.

Jessica Ussery Jason Aldean wife children

We have seen Jessica Aldean along her husband in several red carpets and awards ceremonies, even at his concert she is always there looking stunning, the question is would she forgive her husband for cheating on her? Are they still together?

Jessica Ussery Jason Aldean wife imagesJessica Ussery Jason Aldean wife photoJessica Ussery Jason Aldean wife pic64195910

Jessica Ussery Aldean Video

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