Elizabeth Metzidis- Storage Wars Mark Balelo’s Girlfriend/ Fiancee (PHOTOS)

“Storage Wars” cast member Mark Balelo, 40, was found dead in his car on Monday at his auction house in Simi Valley, California. The cause of death has not been yet confirmed but it seems he committed suicide. He was often called “Rico Suave” on the show because of his eye-catching outfits. Balelo was engaged to his girlfriend Elisabeth Metzidis.

Elizabeth Metzidis Mark Balelo

Mark Balelo’s fiancee Elisabeth Metzidis,  posted today, Feb. 12, on her Facebook page:

“Thank you to everyone for all your thoughts and kind words. Mark lived for his friends and family and would so appreciate everyone here for their love. We are truly and completely devastated by this. Mark was everything. EM.”

The Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office did not give a cause of death for Balelo. However, TMZ reports he was found dead in his car, which had been left running, and died from carbon monoxide poisoning. An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

Balelo was arrested on Saturday for alleged possession of a controlled substance and he was scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 19. After his release from jail, he called his fiance Elizabeth Metzidis and told her that he might hurt himself. The two spoke at his office for a couple of hours, he took a nap, and seemed better. Elizabeth left on Sunday.

Balelo owned Balelo, Inc., which purchased the contents of storage lockers and liquidated their assets.

In 2011, when Mark Balelo was sentenced to spend 132 days in prison for transporting a firearm, his girlfriend defended him stating:

“When he buys storage units we come across weapons, drugs, and all kinds of things. There was a situation in June 2011 where he was carrying the contents of several units and was stopped by police. They asked if he was on probation and he said yes. So they searched everything and found things Mark didn’t even know was in the car. I want people to know that Mark has a heart of gold. There’s a very dear and good side to him. I have a son who has autism and he’s been very active raising money for that cause. He is a very good person who was just in a bad situation.”

Elisabeth Metzidis Mokma a mother of three was born on March 26, 1971 in Cincinnati and lives in Simi Valley. She graduated from Marina High School in 1989 and went to UCLA. She currently is Controller in Balelo, Inc. since 2010 and also owner of Metzidis & Associates since 2005.

Find Balelo on Facebook here.

Find Elizabeth in LinkedIn here. Find her on Facebook here.

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter by clicking here, and in Myspace here.

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  1. Elizabeth Metzidis is a home wrecker you people don’t know the whole story. She broke up her marriage to have an affair with Balelo which in turned broke up his 12 year relationship with the mother of his two minor children, She has done this before she has 4 kids by 3 fathers. Some people just never learn.

    • Kathy is just mad because her daughter Denise was a coke head and Mark left her. Elisabeth was the best thing in Mark’s life and he loved her more than the world. Mark and Elisabeth were happy and Denise was just a baby momma woman scorned. No education, no life, POS.

    • Mark was NEVER married the mother of his kids (might have a reason for that, don´t you think?).
      And it it was the case, who can blame him? Elizabeth is pretty, educated, hardworker, great mother, and loved Mark more than everything.

    • Wow, what an awful person YOU must be Kathy Wadina. Sounds like you have no class at all. I can see where the daughter gets it. No matter if you like Elizabeth or not to go online and say such terrible things makes you look way worse. I hope you find a heart sometime soon and get a life. God bless.

    • Kathy, You are an EVIL woman, Now that Mark is dead and not around to defend himself, you come around and talk trash, Elizabeth did not steal Mark from your daughter, Denise was the one that broke up their relationship, and by the way, Mark never had a girlfriend commit suicide??? Nancy please post the pictures, we all would love to see them.
      Kathy, be very careful what lies you write about Mark.

  2. So sad that this Kathy Wadina would chime in. Her daughter was the impetus for Mark’s increased drug use in past years. She was the biggest drug addict and couldn’t get enough drugs in her nose. She is a true pig and the worst “mother” ever. Denise left her kids for days and binged. It was ELISABETH that took care of her kids in fact!! Denise and her money grubbing family are disgusting. Elisabeth was the rock in Mark’s life and she is not only beautiful (Denise looks like a witch) but she is sweet and amazing and educated. SHE is the total package, Denise was a pile of garbage. Denise Wadina IS A DRUG ADDICT!!

    • PS, I have pics of Denise doing drugs…just saying. Keep commenting Kathy and see what proof comes out.

    • To all the people who have commented about the above. Elizabeth and I have made peace on what she has done in the past. Neither her or Denise are innocent in any of this. Denise did drugs only with Mark and supplied by Mark. He left two children behind and they are the victims not Denise and not Elizabeth. I think we should all let the guy RIP

      • Kathy, you are a troll. Get a life. I love that you throw your daughter under the bus and admit publicly online that she is a drug addict. Way to go mom! Gotta love SEO!

        • I never said my daughter was on drugs you are the troll, you know nothing about the past 13 years you are the idiot that talks smack when you have no idea. Remember who won the custody battle (Denise) and remember who had court ordered rehab (Mark) and who had 3 felony charges (Mark) and remember that Mark had court ordered supervised visits with his children that Denise told the court she would let slide, which was a bad idea. I don’t know if any one ever thinks about it but Mark was so far gone on drugs that he commited suicide the weekend after his death was suppose to be his weekend with the kids. We are left to deal with the aftermath of his brainless death. His daughter asks about him once in awhile but she will forget soon. His son never asks. So Please just let this go.

          • Kathy Wadina, You will ROT in HELL for all the lies you are writing about Mark.
            Denise was already on drugs before she met Mark. I have seen her drugged out of her mind, so don’t give that shit that Mark gave her the drugs. More LIES! You and your daughter are to blame for Mark’s Death, but remember KARMA will get both of you
            I just feel so sorry for those beautiful children. They deserve better then you EVIL people.
            (PS) I hope someone posts the pictures of your daughter doing drugs, maybe then you would believe and keep you big fat mouth shut and let the poor man REST IN PEACE.

          • Kathy, I hope someone posts the pictures of your daughter doing drugs, and drug test for everyone to see

  3. Elisabeth is a remarkable beautiful caring wonderful mother and person. How dare this Wadina animal even think of posting such a horrid comment. Please have some class. Ive personally known Elisabeth
    for a very long time and met mark around the same time she did. They had a love that ive never seen with anyone else. Now that she has lost that we must not throw obscure stupid things out there about her. We should send her love and light. Her children are actually the biggest blessing in her life.

  4. Mark and Elisabeth were so in love. She was the love of his life! Once they met there was no keeping them apart and were together 24/7. What a wonderful couple. I knew them for the past few years. They truly complemented each others strengths and were such a pleasure to know. I hope the best for Elisabeth. What a treasure she is. You are one of kind, keep your chin up, good things are in store for you! Don’t listen to the “haters”. They are just jealous.

  5. RIP Mark Balelo
    Suicide or homicide?

  6. Elisabeth,
    We are truly sorry for your loss. We know how you loved Mark. You are strong and will be ok, I promise. You are talented and so sweet, we would love to have you come work with us! What a great addition you’d be to our team. We are here for you if you need anything.

  7. TRUTH BE TOLD. Here are some facts. Mark is dead because he was a troubled soul who didn’t love anyone, not even himself. He did this to himself, to blame others is yet another weak attempt, it’s always somebody else’s fault. The worst part about this is he’s left his children behind. The sign of a real man is to face the consequences you’ve made for yourself and not abandon your children (especially if as has been stated the mother is so unfit). I think it’s evident who was more or less a parent to the children. He was facing jail time due to yet another (third) drug charge (two convictions). There are so many people who didn’t know him responding here, it’s actually funny. He and Elisabeth did start a relationship months before her divorce papers were filed. She moved him into her house to live with her and her children before the divorce was final. These are all facts that can be substantiated.


  8. Respect for the Dead

    • I usually agree with that, but this isn’t a tragic story, he did this. How can anyone respect someone who did this to his kids? He had the final word and didn’t care about what he left for the people around him, those who loved him. How do his children reconcile this? Have I said anything that isn’t true? NOPE!

      • Respect for the Dead
        We all die one day. How and Where?
        Death is unavoidable; it will come to all of us.
        RIP Mark Balelo

        • How do you have respect for someone who didn’t respect himself or others? Killing himself, taking him out of his children’s lives when it’s alleged the mother is unfit? Getting arrested 3 times for drugs? Having an affair with a married woman? Sorry, respect is earned, not a guarantee in life or death. Sad situation non the less, but respect… I don’t think so!

        • And one more thing, we are all going to die, true, but it’s what we do here while we are alive that makes us men or cowards.

          Respect is a two way street! He didn’t show respect to his kids, Elisabeth’s kids or her husband by having an affair with her while she was married.

          Am wrong? Don’t think so!

  9. TRUE BE TOLD. Here are some facts. Mark is dead because he couldn´t face his reality – he lost hope when the kids left CA. He loved his children more than everything and did everything was possible to have them close. The sign of a real man is to face the consequences, and he was guilty for not leaving his drug addict girlfriend because of the kids. He was facing jail because he was not smart enough as “someone” with a positive drug test….. He and Elisabeth started a relationship before the divorce papers were filed. Unfortunately was late. If they only started before…and he wasn’t married to anyone.
    And if he was that bad, why would a person stayed with him for 13 years? Couldn’t find anyone else to pay her bills?
    Just for the record: Mark’s ex girfriend told me he never used drugs before. Let’s check Denise ex?

    • Alex… Did you even read what I wrote? If Mark loved his kids so much, why did he kill himself? The true measure of a man is what he does when he’s put to the test, Mark decided to leave his children to be raised by their mother. If she as is awful as you say, what does that say about him, leaving them to be in her care? He was facing real jail time and couldn’t handle it. I think it’s sad when anyone takes their own life, don’t get me wrong, but that is the most selfish thing anyone can do! If you love yourself or others, that’s not what you do. Are you also saying he didn’t have positive drug tests? You said he wasn’t as smart as someone with a positive drug test. Was she ever convicted of any drug charges? Was he? Two drug convictions and a third arrest for drugs, end of that discussion. The divorce papers in question are Elisabeth’s, not Marks. So again, you are off point. Mark’s ex told you he never used drugs, then why was he arrested on February 9th? Again, these are all facts that can be substantiated through public record. Get your facts straight. The only innocent persons here are the children, you are losing sight of that.

      Jo… Mark was so happy with Elisabeth that he killed himself? That makes sense!

      Kathy… I don’t believe Elisabeth has done this before, but your other facts seem accurate.

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