Jay Rutland is Tamara Ecclestone’s husband(PHOTOS)

F1’s honcho Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter the  Italian socialite, model and television personality Tamara Ecclestone, is now engaged to Jay Rultand a former finance broker.

Jay31-year-old  Alan Rutland was born on March 11, 1981  recently he has been dating Tamara Ecclestone. They have been seen at the Coya Restaurant on Friday, February 1, 2013 and at the Cecconi’s restaurant in London England, United Kingdom on Saturday

Former stockbroker, Jay Rutland proposed Ecclestone during a romantic holiday in Dubai.

On 2007 the stock broking firm Pacific Continental went into administration and was declared in default by the FSA on 2009.

The FSA gave Jay Alan Rutland a Decision Notice on 24 February 2010 which notified him that the FSA had decided to impose on him a financial penalty for engaging in market abuse and for encouraging other persons to engage in behavior that were out the law.

The FSA says: “Rutland deliberately defied compliance procedures, acted against the interests of customers and disclosed inside information in order to improperly maximize sales by his team.”

On July 2012 Jay Rutland was banned by the Financial Services Authority. They found that Rutland used information to boost sales of shares.

Tamara Ecclestone known very well about his financial problems and apparently she is OK with all of this, acquaintances say Jay has changed from his past now that he is with his fiancée, with whom he wants to marry as soon as possible.

A friend said: ‘Tamara knows all about Jay’s background.

Tamara agree to be Jay’s wife after a quick romance, she thinks that people deserve a second chance because Jay has proven to be honest from the beginning of the relationship.

You can find Tamara Ecclestone on twitter and her web page. And more interesting  facts about Jay are also here



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  1. She is not Italian! Her father is British and her mother is Croatian!

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