Albert DePrisco is Patrick Swayze’s Widow Lisa Niemi Swayze’s Wife

Patrick Swayze long time wife, and widow Lisa Niemi has found love again in the arms of jeweler Albert DePrisco, and this is what we can tell you about Mr. DePrisco.

Lisa Niemi Swayze Albert DePrisco pic

56-year-old Lisa Anne Haapaniemi aka Lisa Niemi was just 15 when she met her loving husband actor Patrick Swayze, they got married on June 12, 1975 until his death on September 14, 2009. Lisa who comes from a Finnish heritage graduated from the Houston Ballet Dance Company starred in a few t.v shows like The Beast and Super Force and in the big screen  Lisa did not just acted, but choreographed and directed.

Lisa Niemi Patrick Swayze early yearsLisa Niemi Patrick SwayzeLisa Niemi Patrick Swayze one last danceLisa Niemi Patrick Swayze weddingLisa Niemi Patrick Swayze final days

Lisa showed her strength and love for her husband throughout his illness and even after his death, nobody couldn’t help the tears to hear her stories, what a magnificent woman she is, so when we heard that Lisa decided to open her heart to love again, I was ecstatic, but also eager to know who her boyfriend is, is he a good man?

Albert DePrisco Lisa Niemi Swayze boyfriend pictureAlbert DePrisco Lisa Niemi Swayze boyfriend pictures

That lucky man is jeweler Albert DePrisco, his family began their jewelry business A.M. DePrisco Wellesley in Boston in 1948 funded by his parents, Albert the youngest child has a sister Donna E. DePrisco, who  became a accomplished pianist before getting involved in the family business.

Albert DePrisco jewelry

As for Albert he was still in high school but took on Saturday to work in the jewelry, it was 1972 when he held his first paycheck. He became A.M. DePrisco Wellesley’s owner in 1995 when he purchased it and relocated to 571 Washington Street in Wellesley, Massachusetts. While his sister runs DePrisco Jewelers stores in Osterville, the Fairmont Copley Plaza, Yolanda’s Bridal Salon in Waltham and in Boston’s Downtown Crossing.

Donna DePrisco

57-year-old Albert M. DePrisco was born on August 30, 1955 in Boston to Francis and Marie DePrisco, he attended Wellesley High School and graduated in 1974, his prom date was book author and dear friend Maurita Corcoran Adler author of the best seller A House Interrupted. Mr. DePrisco is also the owner of Boston Appraisal Bureau, which is listed under Jewelry, Precious Stones and Precious Metals in Wellesley offers its services in Estate Jewelry Appraisals, Insurance Valuations, Damage & Loss Assessment, Private In-Home or On-Location Appraisals and Pre-Purchase Consultations.

Albert DePrisco Lisa Niemi Swayze boyfriend photoAlbert DePrisco Lisa Niemi Swayze boyfriend photos

Albert DePrisco who lives in South Florida met Lisa  met Lisa in California when they were introduce by a mutual friend, there was an immediate attraction between them as soon as they met and began dating  soon after.

It has been said both have been flying between Cali and Florida every chance they get, well in Lisa’s case she flies her own plane since she is an license pilot, and Albert has already introduce her to his parents who obviously adore her.

Albert DePrisco Lisa Niemi Swayze boyfriend picsAlbert DePrisco Lisa Niemi Swayze boyfriend picAlbert DePrisco Lisa Niemi Swayze boyfriend-photo

Lisa and Albert got married on May 25, 2014.

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