Ashley Morrison – CBS Anchor Rob Morrison’s Wife (PHOTOS)


The CBS news anchor Rob Morrison was arrested in Connecticut on February 18, 2013 for violently choked his wife. Ashley Morrison didn`t request medical attention after what happened.


A policeman said: “Upon arrival, it was ascertained that Morrison had been becoming increasingly belligerent toward his wife during the course of the evening, culminating in his choking her by the neck with both hands,”


Let’s talk a little bit about Ashley Morrison, she has one son named Jack with  Rob Morrison who as we all know is also her co- worker hubby

40-year-old Ashley Morrison was the stocks editor at Bloomberg Television, a financial and business cable TV channel, now Ashley is a business anchor for CBS MoneyWatch which is a finance blogging website, where shows advices in the areas of investing, retirement, career, savings and real state.

She’s a former NCAA ALL-ACC Full Scholarship tennis player at North Carolina State University, nowadays she is a tennis instructor. Also she will be a news star in the Steven Soderbergh’s new movie with the actor Jude Law on 2013.


Ashley and Rob are back together.

Read more about Ashley Morrison’s biography at Daily Entertainment News.


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  2. I will never understand why it is so important to “out” someone in this day and age!! Once they’re “out” or “outed” it’s overwith. Why, in the case of Robin Roberts, who many people adore and were pulling for during her illness, is it so important what her sexual preference is? This wonderful person is a super journalist and reporter, who just had the fight of her life, and rumors swirl about her sexuality? Who cares? When will we grow up on this issue? Get with it and realize gays are human beings and feel the same as anyone else about life, love, family and friends, hold down jobs and contribute probably more than most. God bless all.

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