What was the cause for Diane Lane and Josh Brolin Divorce? Steamy Affair?

violence, alcohol and affairs? that some of the few things that people are suggesting was why Diane Lane filed for divorce on Valentine’s Day, but is it true? which of the three rumors is the real deal or all of the above?

josh brolin diane lane cause of divorce

45-year-old Josh Brolin got married to 48-year-old Diane Lane on August 15, 2004, this was not the first marriage for either of then, Josh married actress Alice Adair in 1988, they had two children together 24-year-old Trevor and 18-year-old Eden, the got divorced in 1994.

On the other hand we have Diane, in October, 1988 she got married to actor Christopher Lambert, father of her daughter Eleanor, Diane and Chris ended their marriage in 1994, ironically the years Josh and Diane got married and divorced their first partners are the same.

Diane cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce docs, she was to change her name back to Diane Lane and no longer be Dane Lane Brolin, what caused this? they have been separated for a while even though the legal docs said since Feb, 13.

diane lane josh brolin divorce documents picdiane lane josh brolin divorce documents

Josh is no stranger to trouble, just months after he and Dane got married he was arrested for spousal battery, the charges were later dropped after Diane changed her testimony.

4 years ago in Louisiana he was arrested for fighting n a bar and early this year he was arrested for public intoxication, these sort of things could be what caused the slit and then we have the chance he was cheating on Lane, but with whom? that sexy assistant he was seen with yesterday? or was it another woman is there is any?

What do you think? Do you think things between then are going to turn ugly? do you think a woman will claim she had an affair with Brolin pretty soon or do you think that it was Diane the one who has fallen for another man?

Alice Adair Josh Brolin picAlice Adair Josh Brolinchristopher lambert diane lanechristopher lambert diane lane picDiane-Lane_Josh-Brolin_children

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