Kelly Baldwin- DWTS Joey Fatone’s Wife and soon to be ex-wife???

Joey and Kelly have known each other for several years now. She was his longtime girlfriend and he finally decided to make it official after 10 years of dating and they got hitched on September 9, 2004. Fatone is a singer, actor, television personality and best associated with the popular boy band N’Sync. In 2007, he came in second place on the ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars. This pop star-turned-TV presenter finally popped the question to high school sweetheart in Orlando where they currently live but it was far from your usual proposal. Recently it was rumored Joey and Kelly were going thru a difficult time and were just pretending things were fine for their children.

Kelly Baldwin Fatone Joey Fatone wife bio

He said Baldwin had always wanted to be proposed to at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, where she had never been, so he brought the 88-year-old Greco-Roman structure to her, in the form of a billboard about 56 feet wide and 20 feet tall that he set up in front of his house. He commissioned the billboard through “a friend of mine that works in an ad agency that does the billboards in Times Square, like, the really big billboards,” he said.

“So when I drove up, I said, ‘What’s the one place that I didn’t take you?’ So we drove up, she saw the Palace of Fine Arts [billboard], I went on my knees, got all teary-eyed, and I just froze for a second. So I was like, ‘Hey, will you marry me?

Fun huh! But if you think this was not your everyday kind of proposal, let me tell you about their unconventional courtship. It appears to be they did everything backward. First they had a kid; Briahna Joely, born on March 21, 2001. Then they lived together and later but much later, 10 years to be exact they got married! But you know what it worked for them which hey! At the end of the day is what matters. On January 11, 2010 their second daughter Kloey Alexandra was born; he jokes, “It’s my karma for being in a boy band surrounded by screaming girls.”

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Kelly Baldwin is my new hero! They were 19 when all the N’Sync craziness went down and Mr. Fatone was known as the flirt at that time; she really is an example of patience and perseverance ladies! And what do people who wait get??? Yup! The wedding of your dreams! The ceremony took place in Oheka Castle in Long Island, New York; it was by far a beautiful ceremony and an amazing celebration of their love and journey together. Kelly and Joey exchanged self-written vows in front of an altar covered in ivory roses, calla lilies and hydrangeas. Joey cried throughout as he told his wife, “I always wanted a family and now I have one.”

horton hear 2 090308Kelly Baldwin Fatone Joey Fatone wife photosKelly Baldwin Fatone Joey Fatone wife picture

Kelly has shown to be very supportive of her husband. When Fatone was asked to participate in 2007 DWTS, she and Briahna flew back and forth frequently to L.A; their motoo is “stay as close as they can together” The star recently signed up to join the cast of the all-star season and this time he says he wants to win however Fatone explained that he will not be too competitive.

imageJoey Fatone wife Kelly BaldwinJOEY FATONE AND THE DOODLEBOPS

Joey was eliminated during the second week of DWTS, but this was  not the news people were interested in, but his off set closeness to fellow DWTS contestant Kelly Monaco, did they kissed?

Joey Fatone Kelly Monaco affair

After the VMA’s 2013 Star Magazine reported a story about Joey partying like a single man, and Kelly getting ready to file for divorce, but Joey said the reports were false and he and Kelly were doing great.

We’re still married … kids are great,’ he told US Weekly.

He added that he, his wife and two daughters Kloey, three, and Briahna, 12, had recently enjoyed a family vacation together.

‘I’m deeply upset about that (the report). We’re fine.’

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