Amanda Robson MJ Accuser Wade Robson’s Wife

A native from Maui, Hawaii Amanda Rodriguez is a fashion designer and became Mrs. Robson in 2005 when the couple tied the knot in Hawaii. Amanda and her talented hubby have fuse both their talents and have collaborated on numerous stage, television, and film project.

amanda robson

Some of Amanda’s film and T.V work credits include: “The Strip” a 2002 T.V show and 2009 film “The Richmond family massacre”

She has become not only his wife but his collaborator and muse! Amanda’s talented husband gained notoriety for hosting one of the first dance reality shows in 2003, conveniently called “The Wade Robson Project” but as the show came to an end his romantic story with Amanda was firing up.

At her side he was learning and remembering a side of him he had forgotten; Amanda who grew up faraway from the entertainment industry remind him of a simpler way of living.

“She had this whole other perspective that I saw and loved and wanted to be a part of”

The couple spent the next two years away from the dancing and the camera world as he decided to immersed himself in his new love, experiencing life without dance.

Rodriguez’s relationship with the dancer and choreographer became so intense that has had a profound effect on his artistic vision. So with such refreshed inspiration and stamina it wasn’t long for her husband to find a new platform that allowed him to test his inspired new approach.

wade robson wifeamanda rodriguez robsonamanda-robson

Now they literally work together now, before he even starts to think about choreography, he and Amanda sit down to create a story or theme for each piece! She has truly being the influence behind his evolving approach. Her husband has gone from working with N’sync, So you think you can dance, Cirque du Soleil, to working on a piece for the San Francisco Ballet! He has done it all.

Stunning Asian, slim, brown dark hair and talented what more could you ask for! The couple welcomed their first child In November 2010, a baby boy named Koa.

They truly do seem like the sweetest couple ever! But her hubby once linked to super star Britney Spears is now facing some skeletons he had forgotten about?? If you are a renowned dancer then you should have had to work with the best of the bets right! Amanda’s husband was also linked from a very young age to king of pop Michael Jackson.

Robson threw a bomb to the media when he made the public statement on how MJ molested him when he was only a child. It came truly as a shock since during the pop icon’s 2005 molestation trial in Santa Barbara County the Aussie dancer denied any sexual allegation and defended MJ at the time. A little odd to come clean now when he had the chance huh!

Now the family of three has been reported to be moving to Amanda’s native State.

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